Cut-Cap-Balance - the framework for our debt solution

You know you are close to the target when the FUD and the flak starts flying thick and fast. Democrats are wheeling out their old sturdy workhorse campaign gambit – “They are killing Medicare”.  See Senator Conrad in action. Well.  It’s time for us to respond to this political gamesmanship with a few key points:

The Senate has not produced a budget in 2 years.  The Senate knew about the debt ceiling 6 months ago, but Harry Reid has yet to put a debt ceiling increase bill on the Senate floor. Their inaction and incompetence, including Sen Conrad’s failure to even make public his ‘secret budget’, puts our nation at risk.

The House passed a budget, and now has passed a solution to the debt ceiling limit: Cut, Cap and Balance. 234 Members signed on to this plan: The Cut – $100 billion next year, a gentle and moderate 3% reduction in FY 2012; the Cap, which offers a glide-path to reducing the burden of
Government back to the level it was in the latter Clinton years (Govt/GDP ratio of 19%); and the Balance, a balanced budget amendment to keep Congress in check from spending money we don’t have and keep the burden of Government in bounds.

Democrat control of Congress has led to a budget increase of 40% in only 4 years, and under Obama the public debt skyrocketed from $6.2 trillion to $9.7 trillion. So the Democrats have dug a hole, have NO PLAN to get us out, and are shrieking, moaning and wailing against this and any plan that does solve the problem.  Their opposition to this moderate and sensible plan is proof enough that they do not believe in any real limits on Government spending, taxing and power. Medicare spending does NOT even go down, so why the hyperbole? It’s over-heated rhetoric design to deflect from the complete LACK of any real solution on the part of the Democrats.

We are witnessing the disintegration of liberal welfare statism, and the acolytes of Big Government are lashing out violently while staying in denial over the basic unaffordability and economic contradictions of their progressive dreams. They are in denial, and are lashing out at those who point out the true – we much lower our spending.

Here’s what the Republicans must do – defend Cut, Cap and Balance, get as many votes for it as possible in the upcoming Senate vote, stand firm that this is the framework for a solution, and say:

“Cut, Cap and Balance is the only realistic framework for compromise, and the sooner the liberal Democrats admit this, the sooner we can get to a reasonable agreement.”