Politifact's Lie of the Year

Politifact has labelled “Government-run health care” as their ‘lie of the year.’

The Lie of the Year is that Politifact is unbiased and in a position to judge others’ words. We have noticed errors, omissions, biases and a keen desire to push a liberal POV on the various “politifact” websites. This is not surprising as it is written by the same journalists who write who purvey liberal bias in their articles and op-eds. It’s a bias exposed this year by the uncovering of the “Jorno-List” a list of left-liberal journalists who cooperated on getting the politically correct ‘narrative’ out there to advance liberal agenda in the media.

This detailed take-down of Polifact’s egregious claim identifies multiple problems with Politifact’s baised story.

Bias in sources is one – using a Professor who opined in favor of the health-care bill as an ‘objective quote’ on why ‘government-run’ is not accurate. That source said: “The label ‘government takeover” has no basis in reality, but instead reflects a political dynamic where conservatives label any increase in government authority in health care as a ‘takeover.’ ”

The claim that using the term ‘government takeover’ is a lie is based on an absolutist assumption that anything less than 100% govt ownership is not ‘control’ or ‘takeover’. This is based on a failure to acknowledge that government regulation of private action takes control out of private sector hands. The Sublime Bloviations blog goes point-by-point as to how that is not a valid way (or at minimum the only way) to look at ‘Government takeover’. Regulation is control, and control is a ‘takeover’; Obamacare is a massive increase in Government regulation and control on healthcare, ergo a ‘takeover’.

Many lies have been told about ObamaCare, but most have been told by Obama and the sponsors and supporters. They lied about getting to keep your care (nope, regulations have forced millions to lose coverage they had, from children-only to medicare advantage), lied about the deficit impact (it is going to cost trillions when fully implemented), lied about ‘death panels’ (denied they existed then tweaked the policy on QALY that was in question), lied about alternatives (claimed there was none), lied about constitutionality (denied the fact that Obamacare mandate really is NOT in the Constitution at all and an honest Judge – like happened this week – would rule it unconstitutional).

But those are minor fibs. The ‘big fib’ to them is the ‘takeover’ meme. So according to these liberals, Government can mandate you buy health insurance, mandate what that insurance must or must not contain in exchanges, subsidize millions with govt funding, have govt panels determining the standards of care, have govt subsidies and taxes to enforce compliance, and smother all 50 states with forced massive expansions of govt-run medicaid and chip, tax medical devices and tanning salons, and add 50 bureaucracies to run all this … do ALL this, and since it is not a 100% complete Govt-owned entity, but rather private sector insurance now harrassed, regulated and dictated by the Govt … then its not honest to call it “Government-run health care.” Even though Govt spends 60% of every health care dollar under this plan and the other 40% spent privately is almost all under the direction, dictation and regulation of the Federal Government.

“Government-run health care” is perhaps as honest a four-word description you can come up for the Rube Goldberg device. It’s more honest than ‘bending the cost curve’ or ‘universal healthcare’. Certainly less off-target than the lies such as:

“You will get to keep your healthcare plan” or “This bill will not increase the deficit”
and of course the old chestnut “There is no liberal media bias”.