Memo to GOP Senate leaders - Shut down the lame duck session

The Democrats were only able to pass Obamacare because of the antics of December 2009.

Now, with their majorities vaporized in the November elections, the Democrats have less than 10 legislative days to pursue mischief in the lame duck Congressional session.

There is a simple answer to end the mischief. Whatever the issue – DREAM Act, DADT, START treaty – the Republicans in Congress need to say “NO”. End the lame duck ASAP. American people have ALREADY voted for a more Republican Congress, and rejected the liberals, and their is NO reason nor excuse to allow more liberal legislation from passing.

The DREAM Act should not be on the table, nor should DADT, not should START. It is outrageous that Republican leadership would sit on their hands and allow the midnight legislating of Reid and Pelosi – last-minute land-grabs of liberal Governance – and do nothing to stop it. McConnell’s one smart move in the lame duck has been the united front to stop anything other than the tax deal and the budget deal from being discussed until they are done. Good. That stopped the momentum for a ton of mischief, and now Reid is looking for a rifle shot of mischief.

Next step – once they are done with tax and budget, say “Merry Christmas, let’s go home.” if the Democrats want to extend the time … then it’s time for a good old-fashioned real filibuster. If Sen Bernie Sanders could chew up one day with one speech, let the 40 GOP Senators work to chew up every remaining hour to prevent anything other than the tax bill and the budget bill.

The status quo Republicans seem uninterested in doing what will advance conservative values the most, and their failure to stand up on doing whatever-it-takes to stop Reid and Co, as with their failures in the past, is a telling reminder of how they lack the element of courage, boldness and stubbornness required to really bring miscreant liberal Democrats like Reid to heel.

You have one primary duty, Republican leaders: End the lame duck session. End it so this most horrible Congress can legislate no more.