300 Angry Patriots Jeer Rep Doggett in Austin

Rep Doggett’s Town Hall today in Austin, Texas, did NOT Go According to Plan. Cut short by protesters and an attempt to escape met with a group that blocked his car. A posting on the incident at Free Republic has the after-action report:

An angry crowd of an estimated 300 people caused Lloyd Doggett to cut short his “office hours” public appearance in Austin. When asked if he would change his vote on health care if it appeared that his constituents did not want it, he stated that he had to use his judgment and just because a few angry people come out it was no reason to change his vote.

Following that he called an end to the discussion and attempted to leave 30 minutes before the published time. He was followed through the parking lot to his car by constituents chanting “just say no”, His car was blocked and he was delayed leaving.

A Doggett supporter described the incident as “a nasty crowd’

Help us show him how these constituents feel.
The next “office hours” meeting is scheduled for 4pm today at the Bastrop County Courthouse. Make your voice heard.

More reporting on it:

WHAT a good time I had today and I must admit I was on the edges and not starting all the chanting and pressuring. I figure I call his office every day so he hears from me, this time it was little old ladies on walkers and they had never done this before.

Almost all the signs, no socialized medicine, keep your hands off my rights, just say no, pictures of Doggett with big X’s across the face.

There was no sound system, so he could only be heard by 5 people at a time. He was asked if this Health care was going to cover illegal alliens and he said, NO.
they started calling him a”liar” and “read the bill”.

I had a copy of the bill (weighs almost 10 #’s) and they pushed me to the front but I didn’t get to question him.

This protest is one week after anti-ObamaCare counter-protesters out-numbered ACORN types at an AFL-CIO pro-ObamaCare event 2-to-1. Conservative / liberty activists are taking it to the street in Austin.

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