Ten Ways ObamaCare will Kill You

The Obamacare bills in Congress are a clear and present danger to the life, liberty and prosperity of Americans. That’s why I call the Waxman House bill the “Destroy American Freedom Act” and urge everyone to learn about how horrible these bills are. The healthcare ‘reform’ engine is based on myths like the myth of 46 million uninsured, but the lies are getting exposed and the Mask is off with this Rube Goldberg bureaucratic monstrosity. These ObamaCare bills could one day literally kill people.

Here are Ten Ways Obamacare will kill things we hold dear:

1. It kills jobs: It contains small business mandates and higher taxes, including an 8% payroll tax on businesses that don’t offer health insurance, that will make businesses shed jobs and crush a weak employment situation.Previous health care tax hikes have already killed jobs and this will be even worse.
2. It kills choice: choice of employers, employees, self-employed, health providers, hospitals, all will have their choices reduced and eliminated by the bureaucratic morass created by the Federal program. Malkin calls it “The Death of Choice.”
3. It kills innovation.
4. It literally kills via inevitable rationing, which has caused suffering in other ‘single-payer’ countries and which Obama has chillingly justified. See “Health rations and you” for a satiric glimpse of the future.
5. It kills productive Americans through higher taxes, pushing top effective tax rates well above 50% in some states, and taxing those who dare to go without expensive mandated health insurance. Is the solution to the uninsured to tax 8 million Americans without health insurance? Even the Washington Post is skeptical of these massive tax hikes.
6. It kills fiscal responsibility: With $1 trillion over ten years and a true cost of $4 trillion, Obamacare ramps up a new $200 billion/year entitlement program that hurtles the Federal Government ever faster to bankruptcy. Claims that it would save long-term health costs are refuted by CBO; it saves no money but adds costs to the Government.
7. It will kill state Government budgets by forcing higher Medicaid costs on states. Says TPPF: It “would hijack Texas’ state budget as part of its government takeover of our health care system” to the tune of $4 billion a year in Texas alone.
8. Over the long-term, it will kill private sector health insurance: The Govt-run health insurance scheme will lead to destruction of private health insurance as the rules and subsidies make it impossible for private health insurance to function in true market-oriented way. It will destroy private health insurance and lead to single-payer.
9. It kills quality care by doctors, bureaucratizing the entire system and cutting quality to cut costs.
10. It kills our freedom: It forbids individual private health insurance outside ‘exchanges’ that are set up to reduce choice in health insurance by channelling people into public care (see #8) – “Individual health insurance coverage that is not grandfathered health insurance coverage under subsection (a) may only be offered on or after the first day of Y1 as an Exchange-participating health benefits plan”; it punishes opting out of health insurance; it outlaws health insurance that doesnt meet burdensome Federal guidelines.

This bill outlaws giving someone a job and only paying a wage for that job. As stated here: “If the government purports to deprive me of my right to contract with a doctor to provide me or my family with healthcare at a price I am freely willing to pay and the doctor is freely willing to accept, that is an act of tyranny warranting open rebellion.”

Ultimately, this bill will kill the health industry as we know it, sending America in a direction where we have fewer rights and choices than even people in socialized healthcare countries. Not that the status quo is great, as both the current system and more government intervention suffer from the same lack of market fundamentals: Little direct-pay natural price controls, barriers to competition, high litigation and regulation costs, massive cost-shifting, excessive system complexity, and not enough consumer responsible and choice. Everything bad about the current system will get worse under ObamaCare. There is an alternative to this nightmare: Put consumers back in control and in responsibility for health care spending.

Stopping this bill may be the last chance we get at having a choice over our healthcare.

Cross-posted at Travis Monitor.

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