Picking a VP - Let the Convention Decide!

This was a reply to Commodore Perry’s diary, that provides a different solution to the problem he identified. He noted the problem that Obama’s pick opened up.

However, I think the DNC is showing how the lack of We the People in the VP nomination process is a big problem. Their party is split, they are facing public catastrophe, and even if Hillary is completely cordial, there will be lingering feelings of distrust and dislike within. That sounds great to conservatives now, but what if it happened to us?

He’s right. The insider vetting process for the VP is very smokey-backroom, and may not always give the best answer for uniting the party, winning the election, and governing. He asks:

Why, then, do we not get a say in an office as important as the nation’s Number Two?

We should open up the process. We know that McCain’s running mate has a potential to be a future ‘annointed’ nominee or President, and so we all are stakeholders. We are stakeholders in the party, yet we have no say. OTOH, it would be messy to have a primary race complicated by a ‘second guy is VP’ rule. It overly complicates to have the primary itself burdened with this selection so the solution is apparent: Use the national convention itself as the body that selects the VP.

This will take the conventions out of the informercial realm and back to THE REAL PURPOSE OF CONVENTIONS – SELECTING THE NOMINEE. Primaries select the POTUS nominee, but WHY NOT LET THE CONVENTION VOTE ON THE VP NOMINEE.

There are some ways to ‘control’ the process. First, via a Presidential nominee-approved short list.

For example: McCain could come out and announce that he has found 5 qualified contenders – for sake of argument, let it be Cantor, Portman, Pawlenty, Palin, Romney – to put into nomination. Those 5 could then duke it out for the 2nd spot. Let the best man, or woman, win.

These would all be vetted and placed in nomination on the floor … AND HAVE ROLL CALLS VOTES UNTIL SOMEONE GETS OVER 50% (knocking out the lowest vote getter with each rollcall vote, to break up deadlocks, so we dont have 50 rollcall votes like they had in 1924 Dem convention).

What this will do:

  1. Gives the GOP convention goers the ultimate say, showing the grassroots spirit of the party.
  2. Makes the GOP convention a truly newsworthy event.
  3. “The Wisdom of crowds” will avoid a truly bone-headed pick. (Eagleton, Biden, Quayle were really the best picks?)
  4. It could be somewhat controlled via requiring going through a nominations committee that leans on the P nominee, or you could allow nominations from the floor, too, so the Ron Paul lovers could put their guy up etc.