Bad-Choice Barack Picks Sub-Average Joe

I recount the many reasons Joe Biden (D – Beltway Establishment) is an awful VP pick for Obama in a detailed article here:


In brief, they are: DC insider appointment (steps on change theme); Biden praised McCain and raised experience issue in his run for President; Biden is another liberal (14$ lifetime ACU rating); sub-average Joe has been a plagiarist and academic record inflator; voted for the Iraq war (another line of Obama attack thwarted); age issue off the table (another line of Obama attack thwarted); Biden is a gaffe machine.

There seems to be a GOP consensus that this is a good pick … for us. We dodged a possibly- unifying-Hillary bullet, a real moderate and also someone who would really nail down a midwest state and/or make inrodar

And since this is the FIRST MAJOR DECISION that a potential President can make, we should remind ourselves, and the voters, of what and how it reflects on Obama. Or Omera. Whoever.

Sub-average Joe is right: “The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.”

Barack, you’re not ready. Thanks for proving it before the election for us.