"Todd Kincannon: PUNK POSSE PROUD!"

It could properly be said that if I stoop to the old cliche of comparing political operatives to prostitutes, then I really have nothing to add to the conversation. In all honesty, while I might compare especially bad politicians to prostitutes, it’s not really fair to the prostitutes to compare them to lowly political operatives.  At least with a prostitute, you know what you’re getting and can protect yourself from the stuff you can’t see.  With a political operative, you can’t even turn your back without getting something in the back.  If not a knife, it’s at least a little note that says, "KICK ME!" or something equally inane.

The latter case is apparently what we have with the latest prank from Todd Kincannon in his Quixotic quest to place Patrick Haddon on the throne as SCGOP Chairman for the next two years.
Chad Connelly, the generally perceived front runner in the race for SCGOP Chairman (despite Kincannon’s claim that Haddon "has it locked up") has apparently driven Haddon and Kincannon to more desperate measures.

As you may recall, Todd Kincannon is the fellow who held orientations for county precinct reorganizations around the state, including Lexington County, where he made a point of repeatedly bringing up Patrick Haddon as his choice for SCGOP Chairman.

He also, strangely enough, begged us to not kick out "little old lady" neocons while organizing our precincts. This plea became quite the joke among us afterwards.  We reformers are, of course, wicked and cruel and would take especial delight in kicking out little old lady neocons–not because they’re little old ladies, mind you.  We’d do it because they’re neocons!

In addition, Kincannon wouldn’t shut up and carried on way too long after his points were repeatedly made.  But then, that gave him more face time and more Patrick Haddon promoting time.  Believe me, it was pure snooze material after a very short while and definitely not the way to encourage participation in the political party process.

Here is the email that Kincannon has just sent out to a select few in his attempt to plant conspiratorial seeds of doubt among supporters of Chad Connelly for SCGOP Chairman:

Chad [Connelly] now has Drew McKissick working for him. They have struck a deal
that Drew will run against Glenn [McCall] for National Committeeman with Chad’s
support in the 2012 Convention. This is from a Team Chad person who
mentioned it to several people over the weekend thought to be opposed
to Glenn [McCall]. One of them mentioned it to me.

There’s corroborating evidence in this Facebook album:


Todd Kincannon
The Kincannon Firm
1329 Richland Street
Columbia, SC 29201

This is just plain stupid on several levels. For one, the evidence consists of some pictures from a Facebook album taken at an event at Chad Connelly’s house.  Sorry, Todd!  I don’t see any smoking guns there.

Another thing that doesn’t make any sense: why would Chad Connelly play, "Let’s Make a Deal!" with anyone when he’s the front runner and has more energy, enthusiasm, and drive than just about any other candidate I’ve ever seen?

Sleazy deals such as Kincannon is outlining here are for lazy folks and losers. It’s bizarre and it’s absolute nonsense.  In addition, it’s downright pathetic.  This is exactly the type of politics we here at Stuffed Suits are dedicated to eliminating.

Desperation stinks and Kincannon’s email buffoonery positively reeks of it.

When Chad Connelly was contacted for his reaction, he submitted the following statement:

"I am proud to call Glenn McCall a great friend and ally in our Republican Party. In speaking with him yesterday, we agreed that such false allegations do nothing to advance our conservative principles. Integrity and honesty do matter. As SCGOP Chairman, I will work hard to build our team with even more leaders like Glenn."

There you have it: a classy response by Chad Connelly to yet another sleazy attack from the punk posse.