"Pssst! Hey, Buddy! Ya Wanna REAL Conspiracy?"

The United Nation’s Agenda 21 is an attempt to convince our governments to legislatively bomb our own country back into the stone age.

Sovereignty International has an excellent video introduction to and exposure of the evil new world order that is, after all is said and done, the ultimate fusion of red and green: the totalitarian control of Marxism imposed on the grounds of eco-fascist ideology.

The proponents of this radical plan are discussing what would literally turn cities into human compounds with total state control of property and movement for all citizens, except, of course, the “enlightened few.”  What local leaders are seeking to impose here in the U.S., using draconian measures to seize private property, would make the communist and fascist re-locations of 20th century Europe look like child’s play in comparison.

South Carolina State Representative Joseph H. “Joe” Neal, Democrat – Richland District 70 (Richland & Sumter Counties) is on a video calmly discussing the corralling of human beings into what he refers to as “high density, high population villages.”  Regular people would call them “urban ghettos” or “housing project nightmares.”  Some might even call them zoos. At the very least, they are akin to reservations or even concentration camps.  The plan is to treat us as the animals behind fences and let nature run wild around us.

Oh, but don’t you know it will be the same old elites who will have massive government approved sanctuaries and beautiful, “environmentally friendly” mansions. After all, they will “need” such luxury since they will be putting themselves in charge as the high priests of the environment.  This is Algorism with a vengeance!

Such terms as “town and country” and “sustainable development” have been used in the last two decades to described the incremental steps required in the gradual confiscation of property by the state and local governments so as to herd the people into areas where they can be easily controlled.  This is real, it is here, and it is happening now.  And yes, it is being run by the supranationalist one-worlders of the United Nations. It is an “open conspiracy” that you can read about all over the internet.

Already, there have been efforts, for the most part thwarted within this state, to bring about the foundation of state control and accumulation of property so as to eventually eliminate private property and turn us into serfs of the all powerful state. But the fact that members of local government and of the General Assembly–even when they are loonies like Rep. Neal–are openly talking about it indicates that they are not nearly done with the idea.  They are still intent, even if it takes generations, on implementing what is truly an abomination to the dignity of mankind.

Please watch the entire video for an introduction to the nonsense that tyrannies are made of. Then please get involved in the resistance.