Move over Leni Riefenstahl! Corey Hutchins' "The Makeover Of Jake Knotts"

Corey Hutchins of the Columbia Free Times has produced an astounding piece of propaganda!

Hutchins impossibly manages to combine the lyricism of “To Kill a Mockingbird” with the violence and brutality of “The Godfather.”  And he apparently thinks it’s for a good cause: the supposedly reformed panderer, Jake Knotts!

The only problem here is that people can easily believe the admitted police brutality and other violence on Knotts’ part but not the made-up stargazing BS from Knotts’ “magical” childhood.

No one has a problem with Knotts being a literal bastard.  The problem is that he is a metaphorical bastard, too.

The most offensive and most egregious lie perpetrated in the article came from the big mouth of Jake Knotts himself:

“I’m not like the regular person up here worrying about getting re-elected; doing things just to get re-elected. I do it because it’s for the good of the people.”

Yeah, right!  And if you had wings, Jake Knotts, you’d fly.