Jake Knotts & "Poor" Darla Moore

Have you knoticed how Jakie Knotts has a “solution” to everything? The problem for us is that his solution is for something else entirely than it appears to be at first blush.

When Governor Sanford, a sworn enemy of Knotts, decided to take a stand against Federal government largesse being funneled to the corrupt legislators in Columbia, Jakie’s solution was to stand up with his fellow (for all practical purposes) Democrats and demand that Sanford accept that money along with all the spending requirements attached to it by the micromanaging big government types in D.C.

Now that Governor Nikki Haley, another sworn enemy of Jake Knotts, has decided to replace the only person she is currently able to replace on the board at USC, liberal Darla Moore, Jakie has taken it upon himself to come to her “rescue.”

I can imagine that Knotts’ sick, taxpayer funded fantasy is playing out like a melodrama in a flickering black and white silent movie running inside his huge noggin. Knotts is riding up on his white horse (a Clydesdale, no doubt) to pull Darla off the tracks where she is about to be run over by the reform train.  Meanwhile, a mustached Nikki Haley, complete with top hat and evil grin, is turning the steam up in the locomotive and shaking her fists at Knotts.  Her actions are only interrupted briefly by dialogue cards that read, “Blast you, Knotts!  You’ve foiled my dastardly plans again!”

Poor, poor Darla Moore!  Whatever shall she do? I can hear the plaintive sounds of weeping violins even as I type the question.

Well, for starters, Darla Dee could probably go on a shopping spree spending thousands of dollars every day and never run out of money. You see, Darla Moore is anything but poor.  In fact, she’s a filthy rich banker.  Like the theoretical line of Chinese people marching off a cliff, the growth (from investments, government bailouts, and the like) of her money supply, if able to continue at the current pace, would probably go on forever.

Now, no one at StuffedSuits.com has any problem with someone making money–even bankers.  The problem comes when that money and its attendant power are distilled by legislators from the sweat of working people.  Another problem comes when that money and its accompanying power are used to leverage tax payer dollars, again, from the sweat of working people.  Taking a portion of the working people’s earnings through the government in order to enhance one’s personal wealth or even to indulge one’s social experiments and ideas of just what a particular population needs (whether we’re talking football stadium or industrial park, etc.) is what makes a rich person “filthy.”

In fact, the other F-word, “fascist” describes such projects quite adequately. We, The People know she’s not playing fair.  Yet, that is what Darla Moore and so many other liberal fascist elites are all about: feeding off the working people–usually on the ironic pretense of “helping” them.  We are but slaves to the elites and they will steal the products of our labor if they possibly can.

The latest example of Moore’s “help” has been documented here:  http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2011/mar/24/moore-gives-5m-usc-research-center/ With much more help like that, working citizens in South Carolina will wind up in government work camps since we won’t be able to house, clothe, and feed ourselves with the taxes that will be necessary to keep up with Darla Moore and others’ “generosity.”

And what, dear reader, do you possibly suppose could be motivating Jakie Knotts in his crusade to rescue the helplessly rich Darla Dee Moore? Well, besides the obvious grandstanding opportunities, Jake is sucking up to Moore, no doubt, in the hopes of getting some money for his upcoming 2012 campaign against a candidate (Katrina Shealy) he barely beat in a runoff in 2008.  No doubt, he’ll have Moore’s money funneled through one of those evil PACs he’s been ostentatiously railing against lately alongside his good buddy, Democrat Vincent Sheheen.

Jake Knotts is at least a little clever. He knows a two-fer bargain when he sees one and, just as when he’s around a news camera or buffet table, you’d better not stand between him and the object of his desire or you risk getting rolled over.