"Do You Know Who I Am?" Roxanne Wilson's Boss Hogg Campaign for Jake Knotts

Bringing up Jake Knotts’ name over the past several years has resulted in a fascinating and consistent phenomenon that I have witnessed. Yeah, sure, people always seem to describe him as a loud, foul-mouthed, and arrogant drunk, but there’s something else remarkably present in his limited repertoire: “Do you know who I am?” It’s both a brag and a threat by a habitual bully who feels free to throw his weight around anywhere in this state

“Do you know who I am?” tells people that they had better:

1. Pay attention to this obviously “important” man.

2. Do exactly what he demands you do or suffer the consequences of the wrath of this “important” man.

Most folks who have witnessed this in person have laughed while telling me the story of their encounters. The sight and behavior of this pompous, bloated, and pathetically insecure man were hard to take without laughing in his face. No wonder the man drinks so heavily. He’s got to, at some level, detect the reaction he induces in people.

Fortunately for Jakie’s ego, these several random people I’ve talked to over the years were in the service industry or in sales when they encountered him. Respecting the maxim that the customer is always right, they had the maturity to keep their merriment to themselves for the time they were dealing with him.

Poor Jakie, however, does not himself have the maturity to accept the fact that he does not have, and never will have, the class and bearing of a gentleman. Instead he bumbles on, putting up the pretense that people will take a shine to him and heap praises upon him once they recognize his “celebrity” status. In the end, Jake Knotts does not measure up to even the most powerless of our citizens who choose to, at the very least, humble themselves before God and their fellow men.

Most folks who have supported Jake Knotts in the past still bear numerous scars on their backs from the knives he has planted there over the years. Especially for those of us who support and fight for our right to keep and bear arms, we’ve watched Jake Knotts go from teaching concealed weapon’s permit classes himself to reneging on his earlier pro-self defense stances and otherwise making deals with his anti-gun Democrat buddies by doing everything in his power to poison or stop gun rights bills. Apparently, once he had used us to get elected to the State Senate in 2002, we weren’t useful to him any more. The feeling is very much a mutual one.

Being a former Democrat himself, perhaps Jakie can’t leave his old friends behind. He certainly took pride in standing with them in favor of taking more federal funds with their attendant spending requirements that have helped to further our indebtedness. Now, por ol’ Jake can’t figure out who to blame for all the spending in Columbia.

Of course, as of summer 2010, Jake had made a name for himself around the world as the “Boss Hogg” of South Carolina for his drunken, profanity laced attack on both Nikki Haley and Barrack Obama, referring to them as “f—— rag heads.”

Way to go, Jakie! It wasn’t bad enough that you act like a pompous ass on a daily basis
, never standing on principle nor voting for cloture on bills. Instead, you stand on the side and see how the votes go and then situate yourself on the issue so that you have the most to gain in power and control with your votes. No doubt, you’ve learned those self-serving, middleman leveraging techniques from your good buddy, US Senator Lindsey Graham.

Also, like Lil’ Lindsey, you have sided with your Democrat friends on numerous occasions, not the least of which was when you, after having unlawfully accepted thousands of dollars in campaign funds in 2008, used that money to bus in Democrats to put you just over the top in a hotly contested primary run-off. How’s that going to work this time around after you made your raghead comments that still stick like glue to your big round head?

Now, unbelievably, the latest news floating around Lexington is that Mrs. Joe “You lie!” Wilson (who herself goes by the name of Roxanne) has let people know–in spades–that she will yet again be supporting her dear, close friend, Jake Knotts for SC State Senator for District 23.

How can this be? Her husband stated the following in the condemnation he made immediately following Jakie Knotts’ raghead comments last year:

“As a member of Congress representing the Second District of South Carolina, I was hurt and disgusted to hear Senator Jake Knotts direct such offensive slurs at a community which is very close to me.

“Senator Knotts did not reflect the values of our citizens in his language or in the tone of his remarks and certainly did not reflect mine . . .

“I believe Senator Knotts still owes an apology to the people at which the slurs were directed . . . ”

For the record, Jakie never made a real apology. Instead he made more lame excuses for his behavior and was only sorry that some people, according to him, took it the wrong way.

Does U.S. Representative Joe Wilson support his wife’s support of a politician who has “hurt and disgusted” him with his obnoxious behavior and who does not reflect his values?
Perhaps, Joe and Jakie are still BFFs and Joe’s counting on our short memories to smooth the way for him to endorse Jakie in the primary.

Then again, there are those who insist that Roxanne actually wears the pants in her marriage with Joe and, if not for her, he would be spitting on windshields and cleaning them off with the cuff of his sleeves for a few cents a pop. So maybe it’s no surprise that Roxanne would not necessarily do what’s best for her husband’s career when she got it into her head to do otherwise. Jakie is apparently her pet project and she has no intentions of letting her boy down.

While she has helped run Jake Knotts’ campaigns in the past and taken a Queen Bee’s delight in pulling off the stunt of busing in Democrat crossover voters to barely beat Katrina Shealy in 2008, do not necessarily expect Roxanne to be visibly in the forefront of Jakie’s campaign this time–at least not at first. Her plan is to bring in a third candidate, as there was in 2008, with the hopes of again preventing an outright win in the initial primary against Jakie which would be a virtual certainty in a two person primary this time. Instead, she wants another primary run-off with its much smaller attendance so that it can once again be manipulated with a few voters and campaign money spread around at the right places.

Roxanne Wilson may or may not be an influential political genius but her choices for strategies this time around have got to be very limited. Even though Jakie has gone “full boar” in his pandering to special interest groups with our tax money and handing out of privileges at our expense, Roxanne has to know the fight will be an uphill battle this time around. She can’t count on a mostly unaware and uninterested electorate in 2012 as we had in 2008. Even Lindsey Graham realizes he couldn’t be re-elected right now.

If Roxanne were REALLY the brains of her marriage with Lil’ Joe, she would publicly divorce herself from Jake Knotts now and never have anything to do with him again.
Jake is going down hard in 2012. She should at the very least be able to recognize this inevitability. Roxanne Wilson’s connection with a doomed campaign for such a pathetic, universally scorned, and obnoxious lout as Jake Knotts will help neither her nor her husband in the increasingly volatile political environment of the near future.