(Photo courtesy of DeLinda Ridings)


By Working Tommy C

March 9, 2011

There’s a freight train coming to the South Carolina Republican Party! It is in the form of Chad Connelly who is running for SCGOP Chairman.  I was in the audience Monday night (March 8th) to hear Chad speak at the Lexington County GOP Executive Committee meeting and received the full brunt of his no holds barred speaking style.  Whew!  That is an experience to be had!

I’m sure he was not aiming his speech at me individually but it was as if he were.  It was a revival meeting of the political kind.  I kept wanting to stand up and shout, “Amen, brother!”  The man knows his history, knows the origins of our freedoms, and is obviously well educated in the fundamentals of our system of governance.

Chad Connelly heavily emphasized the positive aspects of getting more concerned citizens involved in the process and sounded genuinely excited that so many had heard the call and were taking steps to take back their government. He is tuned into the tea party movement as well as being knowledgeable of the process of political organizing due to his years of experience in the GOP as well as in sales and private charity work.

The GOP has an excellent product in its platform.  The main complaint has been that the politicians rarely pay any attention to it other than lip service when running for office.  We could really use a good salesman now who is energetic and can energize and recruit others as Connelly can.
Connelly sums up his issues in “Chad Connelly’s 11 for ’11 (A Platform for Success for a conservative Republican Party).”  Please note that comments following the quoted points are my own:

“1. Building Our Party – but Never Compromising Our Conservative Principles”

Connelly makes the case here for the party taking advantage of the renewed popularity of the fundamental founding principles of American freedom and the disgust so many have at members of our own party who have failed us miserably on these issues concerning our very existence.  Connelly promotes the current movement to restore “personal responsibility, limited government, and less federal intrusion.”  I can’t help but feel that where Karen Floyd took a few tentative steps in the right direction as if at the point of a gun, Chad Connelly will pick up the flag and lead the charge.  That is exactly what this state needs.

“2. Developing the Next Generation”

Chad went into some detail outlining his goals for recruiting good candidates for office and getting more young people involved in protecting their future.

“3. Keeping Our First in the South Primary”

Okay, I’ll admit that on this one, I’m not really hot.  Yeah, we get a disproportionate influence on the Presidential primaries and I trust US more than some other states, but the corrupt powers that be in this state feed on ever more power.  Our disproportionately powerful status in electing Presidents hurts our citizens more than helps in the current political environment.  I think we need to adopt a rotating set of regional primaries nationally so that just a few states do not bear the brunt of such attention that frequently turns us into ants being fried under a magnifying glass.  We’ve got enough problems already with our corrupt homegrown politicians.  We don’t need to give them even further license to steal with greater national influence.

“4. Low Dollar Fundraising”

This is Connelly shifting to going after a broader support among all the people rather than appealing to rich individuals and special interests.  This is a great way to dilute the corrupt influences that get into every political process–well intentioned or not.

“5. Protecting Life”

This is Connelly reiterating the party’s anti-abortion stance as well as his individual efforts over the years in South Carolina groups dedicated to this stance.  This is a moral position that is perfectly suited for action at the state level and hopefully, eventually, will force the Federal government to recognize our right to rule on this issue ourselves.

“6. Protecting Marriage”

This consists of properly defining and protecting marriage: one man and one woman.  This is another fundamental moral principle we must protect.

“7. Protecting Ourselves”

This is protecting the right to keep and bear arms–ALWAYS a good thing!

“8. Protecting South Carolina”

This is essentially rejecting Obamacare as well as “Cap and Trade” (which, by the way, is also supported–at least as an economically crippling tax on “carbon emissions”–by Lindsey Graham).

“9. Staying in Touch”

Connelly states that he will be working personally with all county GOP leaders along with a dedicated staff member and will expand technology to reach as many people as possible.  He pointed out during his speech how far behind some GOP campaigns have been on this front.

“10. Watching the Bottom Line”

Connelly wants to be looking for the “biggest bang for our buck” as well as holding GOP office holders feet to the fire on taxing and spending issues.

“11. Winning and Planning for the Future”

This is looking ahead by raising money for 2014 and beyond.

Overall, I’d say that I’ve never seen a more energetic individual nor one that I could more seriously believe would follow through on his truly conservative goals than Chad Connelly.
At the very least, like the Tasmanian Devil of Warner Brothers’ cartoon fame, I expect Chairman Chad Connelly will bring a storm of activity with him in the effort to make positive things happen for the SCGOP.  I am very excited at Chad Connelly’s candidacy and will support him at the state convention if I have the privilege to attend this year.