Reflections on the De Facto Cabal of the 'Punk Posse'

Will Folks–the “Emperor Palpatine” of the SC political blogging world

Reflections on the De Facto Cabal of the ‘Punk Posse'”

By “Working Tommy C”

What’s fun about this whole back and forth regarding the exposure of the de facto cabal better known now as the “Punk Posse” is that http://garnetspy.com, http://stuffedsuits.com, and numerous others who have been calling out the “punk posse” crowd for a while is that we are refreshingly clear of being paid to write things here and elsewhere.

The only motives I have found among the true conservatives have been to just get the truth, good or bad, out there and to stand up for  the right principles. For that reason, I consider such voluntary work to be the ultimate “charity” work possible for an American who believes in our God given rights and is willing to fight for them.  We’re actually making a sacrifice instead of attempting to feed off the system.

We do not seek money to influence politics in this state.  We seek to influence politics as regular working citizens in order to get them to do what is right or to replace them if they’re more interested in pandering, self-aggrandizement, and other corruption.  It frustrates the Boss Hoggs in the General ASSembly like Jake Knotts because they can’t get a handle on us in order to neutralize or control us.  We don’t want special favors, we want equality under the law instead.

I recently emailed Will Folks and reassured him that, while we’ll “do battle” over certain issues on occasion, we probably share something like 95+% of goals for breaking the back of the corrupt establishment and putting the “self” back in “self-governance.”

My main argument with him has been that “you can’t get there from here” in that some of the tactics used by him simply do not make sense–unless he’s compromising for pay.  Working for specific establishment interests may be the only way to get paid on a continual basis with what he does but it’s not the route that I, and many others who want government off our backs, would take.

The ends do not justify the means and the means are severely compromised if one is paid to, or not to, pursue them. Taking into consideration what Will Folks is doing in practice, that is, his “pay to prey” tactics, vs. what he claims to be his long term goals, something just doesn’t make sense.  He is either being disingenuous and is acting as a gun for hire, sometimes even attacking certain political figures or movements in order to extort a ransom from his prey, or he seriously has no clue on how to get from point A to point B.

I have been consistent in holding up Folks as a genius.  An “evil genius” to be sure but one of a very high intellect.  I call a spade a spade.  He is diabolically clever and a master manipulator.  He is the Emperor Palpatine of the blogging world.

I yet hold out some little hope that Folks will come around and not continue down the path of the “dark side.”  Even if he does not see the light, if I were to choose between a political world with or without him, I would choose one with him since he does serve a valuable purpose in exposing a lot of corruption and graft and getting attention for it.

On the other hand, I will let him know when he’s gone too far in my opinion or is otherwise wrong.

I think it’s very healthy to have this exposure by Speight and the editor of this site of the “pay to prey” de facto cabal run by Folks, DonEhue and others. People being able to make informed decisions regarding the source of news is never a bad thing.

And, while I’m on that subject, for the record, I believe I am the only one among the original three writers at this site who supported Nikki Haley for Governor before the primaries.   We are not mind-numbed “Nikkibots” at all.

As a matter of fact, I supported Haley from well before the time she even announced.  I contributed to her when she was at the bottom of the polls because I could see the writing on the wall and knew what an energetic fighter she is.

Be that as it may, the REASON I supported her is because she is an agent for positive change and reform of the corrupt establishment. We do not agree 100% on everything but even where we have disagreed, she has read what I sent her and considered it.

I really wish certain people would keep things more in perspective regarding elected officials  for a while once the elections are over. Even if someone hates the Governor’s guts, he needs to remember that she’s only in office for 4-8 years.  It’s not a lifetime commitment by the voters and I pray that we can get someone even better than she is after she finishes her terms.  In the meantime, I’m going to try to help where I can since she is on the right side of the great majority of the issues.

During campaigns, if I support politicians, I support them because THEY agree with ME on the important items.  I don’t suppress my thoughts or warp my mind to get in line with the candidates’ viewpoints.  I don’t have to do that because, among other things, I’m not paid by them to do so.  In fact, I’ve been the one donating what meager amounts I could to candidates I have supported so their campaign is getting paid in some small part by ME.

I also do not imagine by a long shot that I’m anything special in this regard. I think the great majority of concerned citizens have the same mindset and are willing to sacrifice time, energy, and what money they can to stand on principle.  That, in my opinion, is the ideal of citizen involvement and I’m just doing my best to fit in with THEM.  Now, if we could just wake up even more of the citizenry to take an active part . . .