Wesley Donahue: Paid Political Assassin for the SC Senate RINO Caucus!

An open letter in response to:


Mr. Donahue:

In your bio, you describe yourself as a “political operative” and you ” run political campaigns and serve as the Political Director for the SC Senate Republican Caucus & the Tech Director for the SC Republican Party.”  You also state that you “own a political consulting and Internet strategy shop.”

So a paid, big time, establishment political hack like you, Mr. Donahue, is  implicitly accusing a citizen of being paid to go after corruption in the General Assembly??? And you defend those venal crooks???  The irony here is monu-freakin-mental! And the stench of such actions by paid political operatives such as yourself reeks of desperation on the part of your masters.

I personally know Talbert Black is NOT being paid (except for his real job as an electrical engineer) and is in fact spending his own time, energy, and money in a selfless pursuit to help end the obvious corruption in the General Assembly.  In fact, I don’t know anyone in the movement who is being paid to do anything.  If some of them are, they’re not telling me and they’re most definitely not sharing!

In fact (and I don’t know about others in the movement but I’m sure there are a lot of similar stories) I make very, very little at my job in the current economy yet have carefully saved and done without so that I could, over the past three years, contribute several thousand dollars I really can’t afford–by any stretch of the imagination.  I even cashed in my HSA so that I had money to contribute.  I’m sure it’s  not much money by your “political operative” standards but it shows that people are committed not only in their time and energy but are also putting their money where their mouths are instead of holding their hands out as paid political assassins as you do.

Whether everyone realizes it or not, war is being waged on us by the fascist, money funneling establishment
whose worst offenders are in the General Assembly and hiding their corporate welfare votes–for as long as they can get away with it–every chance they get.  I’ve supported candidates that support real substantive, moral, and ethical changes to restore true power to the people in what is supposed to be a representative republican form of government in South Carolina.

If you really want to contribute to the conversation instead of  simply doing your day job as Jake Knott’s and Glenn McConnell’s soulless hit man
, maybe you should do an in-depth study to find out how much money Mr. Black’s activism has cost him over the past few years.

It’s obvious that you are getting paid to destroy the SCPC and tea party activists by those aforementioned crooks in the General Assembly.  I hope you enjoy the jingle of those silver pieces in your pocket because your betrayal of your fellow citizens who only want to end the venality and other corruption in state government will leave you with little else in credibility and principles.