February 11, 2011


Welcome once again to Bizarro World! Or is it Animal Farm?  Now, the Boss Hogg, SC State Senator Jake Knotts is walking on two legs again and saying that since past governors have not policed the agencies over which the executive branch has no real authority to do so (as he implicitly admits in his mentioning of the overturned veto of Sanford’s) the SC Senate needs to take even more power from the people, the executive branch, and even the SC House?

That’s as bad as saying that since the Federal government’s socialist meddling with the free marketplace has strangled the economy, what is left of the free marketplace should be blamed for the economic collapse and eliminated.  It’s also playing “kick the can” in the game of diverting us from who the real culprits are.  The giving up of oversight by the legislature in this state only made it easier for them to stay on a spending spree as it made it more difficult for citizens to point the fingers of blame where they need to be pointed: straight back at big spending RINOs like Jake Knotts.

Or was I hallucinating when I personally saw Jake Knotts standing on the steps of the Statehouse back in 2009 with a bunch of big government Democrats and RINOs demanding that we accept the money from the Federal government with its accompanying spending mandates that have helped put us even further into this financial mess???

The General Assembly and a Reconstruction Era state constitution have given us the weakest executive branch among the fifty states in the union. Knotts expects us to believe that, since past governors have not done a job that the General Assembly has made an exercise in futility, they should stage a virtual coup d’etat  to seize even more power for him and his fellow legislators?

This is classic big government at work: big government first creates a problem and then comes in riding a big white horse to “rescue” us.  Legislators riding big horses are much more likely to be a sign of the coming economic apocalypse than their actually helping us instead of themselves.

If Jake Knotts is so determined to be an executive in a state that he himself has declared to be one run by the legislature, why doesn’t he run for an office in the executive branch instead of mixing up the legislative and the executive branches in his and Glenn McConnell’s senate-run oligarchy?

Sen. Jake Knotts is obviously and most definitively a liar and a fraud. He has no standing in this matter in being outraged at anyone but himself and his colleagues in the General Assembly.