The Arrogance of Power Pt. 2: What's the Deal with Mac Toole?

What’s the deal with Mac Toole?

I don’t get him.  SC State Representative Mac Toole approached several “tea party” reform-minded activists back during an event in September and seemed enthusiastic about getting on board.  He supposedly advocates change but, in start contrast to his apparent inclinations, is solidly committed to voting for RINO Big Government Party man, Bobby Harrell to continue his reign of error and economic genocide for two more years.

Mac Toole–and I’m serious when I say this–really seems like the friendliest fellow you could want to be around.  He’s the fellow you’d let grill the burgers at a cook-out and count on him not poisoning anyone with botulism.  He’s the fellow you’d let flirt with your teenage daughter and really know he didn’t mean anything by it.  He’s the kind of fellow who works hard to be liked and, up to a point, seems willing to do the right thing which, of course, begs the question,  why is he so bullish on Harrell to be Speaker?

And Mac seems downright energized in his support for Harrell.  When discussing why he wouldn’t vote for Ralph Norman, Mac engaged in a couple of quick, bizarre pantomimes. Somewhat after the fashion of an Egyptian hieroglyph with his head bent forward and one arm jutting out in front and one arm jutting out in back, Mac replied to a citizen pressing him on the matter that this is why he couldn’t vote for Ralph Norman.  Norman, he explained, is a “straight arrow!”

Okaaaay.  I hear what you’re saying, Mac, but I’m just not catching what the downside to this is that you seem to be implying.

Well, upon further explanation by SC State Rep. Toole, it turns out that the people of South Carolina really need someone as speaker who will not stand on his principles as Mac is sure that Ralph Norman would do.

It seems, from everything I can glean from this exchange that Mac Toole and others think that what we need is a deal-maker and a power-broker who will be willing and able to keep the backroom deals in the backroom, keep playing games with the SC Senate to provide cover on transparency without making it law, and to keep spending OUR money like drunken sailors on weekend binge.

So, what gives, Mac?  Does Bobby Harrell have a leash around your neck?  Is he jerking you around like he’s jerking the rest of us around? Inquiring citizens really want to know.