Nikki Haley Has The REAL Power Behind Her!


Nikki Haley has represented me since she was first elected to public office. I’ve had the pleasure of voting for her every time she’s run.

Nikki Haley’s winning the election for governor is a win for the regular, hard working people of South Carolina. We’re getting back to basics here but it’s going to take a lot to break through the corrupt, money-funneling favor factory that our General Assembly has become. Nikki may not have a lot of friends in the General Assembly but she’s got a lot of regular people behind her and we’re already working hard to change things for the better here.

South Carolina was one of the original 13 colonies and the Revolution was in a large part won due to the campaign waged down here. Unfortunately, our politicians here have since eschewed the concept of equality under the law and no longer respect our unalienable rights. They are some of the most corrupt and self-interested elites known to man–especially the leaderships of both houses.

The people elected Nikki Haley despite a lot of dirty tricks and smear campaigns the establishment engineered to bring her down. The people will support Nikki in her reform efforts and there are a lot of us reform-minded, regular, every day folks who have been studying and learning how to push through legislation. Some greedy pigs used to wallowing in our tax money are about to start squealing. We are about run roughshod over the Boss Hoggs and Foghorn Leghorns in the General Assembly.

Jake Knotts had better be worried. He had better be very worried.