Nikki Haley ROCKS!

Nikki Haley ROCKS!


Bill Rentiers of Grass Roots Gun Rights and I had a great time last night at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center–lots of tea party folks there from across the state, including Allen Olson and Bill Connor.  We enjoyed hanging out and watching the results as they showed up on the large screen TVs.

Katrina Shealy, our next SC State Senator for District 23 (after she beats Jake Knotts in 2012) was there and I hung out with her some as well.  She even took me to the VIP lounge where I got to talk to Mrs. Ralph Norman–a beautiful and personable woman who takes an active and supportive interest in her husband’s career.  We had a very interesting discussion on our mutual frustration regarding the cowardice of most of those in the SC House who will not make a stand on principle in order to defy the power brokers.  Ralph Norman is definitely making himself noticed in a good way to the people of South Carolina by showing the guts to run against Bobby Harrell’s dictatorial control of the House.

Curtis Loftis was there and, as usual, somehow managed to be at a dozen places at once talking to everyone.  He’s got a LOT of energy and will really need it during the next few years.  We couldn’t ask for a better man than Curtis to tackle a very difficult job.  (By the way, who was that beautiful woman you were with, Curtis?  Introduce me next time!)

I finally met Charlie Speight of GarnetSpy.com in person and snapped a few pics of him meeting with Nikki Haley for a couple of minutes shortly before leaving about 12:40am.

Nikki talks with Charlie Speight

After their quick conversation, Nikki hugged my neck then and told me that the hard work starts now and I told her that we were there to help her out.

For a while last night, it looked iffy.  We didn’t get to see the locations that were reporting in on television and, due to the delay of Lexington and Greenville Counties, the votes and corresponding percentages did not start piling up in Nikki’s favor until relatively late in the evening when Sheheen finally faced the inevitable and made his concession speech.

It was wonderful to look up on the screen and occasionally see Brad Wart Hen’s puffy face–robotic and devoid of emotion as usual–wearing his Harry Potter glasses, and “oh-so-defiant” bow tie as he played at being some sort of “expert” on one of the local stations.  He was such a great expert on politics that he was fired from Der Staat when it came time to trim the dead, gangrenous flesh there or go bankrupt.  It was wonderful to see him on TV I say because Wart Hen looked so very depressed at the results–I think.  It’s really hard to tell with him.

Tonight was an “in-your-face” to the arrogance of those like Wart Hen who treat people like lab rats or cattle and expect to be able to determine among themselves, the self-appointed “elites,” how the rest of us have to live.  It’s time to really get government out of the way and stop punishing production.  If we stop legislators from handing out favors and special privileges with our money and let profit happen, the jobs will take care of themselves.

Nikki and family

Last night marked the end to the cycle of campaigning for Nikki that began about the time of the SCGOP convention in Columbia at the same location in 2009.  I remember seeing Nikki back then, when it was her turn to speak during the convention, smiling and waving over at us in the Lexington delegation where the far greater portion of applause and enthusiasm was coming from our group of about twenty to thirty tea party supporters.

The cheering was a whole lot louder tonight and we had many more–many hundreds more–supporters there in a very crowded, standing room only floor.  It was like a rock concert and everyone was excited.  Some of the male members of Nikki’s Indian family and friends even started beating the drum and performing a traditional celebratory dance for several minutes.  The dance was in part intended, I was told by a friend, to send a very special message to Jake Knotts.  I’m sure por ol’ Jake went to sleep last night with the sound of that drum pounding in his head.

Michael Haley shaking hands

When Nikki came in at long last it was pandemonium.  Nikki gave a great speech, thanked those who had done so much for her and stood by her through the hard times.  Nikki Haley made clear that she’s a fighter.  As I’ve always said, if she does nothing more than give the people mandatory on-the-record voting during her terms in office, she will have done more for the citizens of this state than any other governor for several generations at least.  I’m sure we’ll be getting a lot more from her leadership and that this state will become an example of how to reform abusive government.  For one thing, there are a lot of regular, every day working folks behind Nikki and they are tired of being tax slaves for the state or the federal level governments.  It’s clear that exciting times are ahead in terms of returning power to the people.  Nikki has repeatedly promised that she is “going to hit the ground running.”  She’ll have a large group of regular every day people running right behind her.

Watch out, corporate welfare establishment!  We’re coming after you now!

Nikki speaking