"I've Had a Very Appropriate Relationship with Nikki Haley for Five Years"


"I've Had a Very Appropriate Relationship with Nikki Haley for Five Years"

I knew things were bad here in South Carolina but the coordinated and, 
I imagine, very expensive smear campaign against Nikki Haley
is a huge new low for SCGOP politics. 

I, myself,  have had a five year, very appropriate relationship
with Nikki Haley as a friend and a supporter who has frequently emailed
back and forth with her on many different political matters.  I've saved all
my emails and texts, too.  I can tell you that these lies by Bauer and Folks
are attempting to portray her in a way that has never occurred
to her constituents as far as I've heard.  We like Nikki in SC State House
District 87--a lot. 

Nikki Haley is a fighter and in Lexington County we've got one of the most
conservative and activist Republican county party organizations in the state.
We like fighters and recognize that now is the time that, if we don't have
fighters in office, we may see the collapse of not only our state but our 
entire country.

Strange as it may sound to some, the only thing I'm wondering now is if
Nikki will walk away June 8th with 51+% of the vote or not. 

Yep.  I'll say it: I suspect we may see her win the primary with no need for
a run-off.  

That's a lot to expect out of a candidate who seemed hopelessly locked in
third or fourth place just a few weeks ago.  But I've known from the
beginning that if Nikki could just get enough folks to hear her and understand
what she's all about, they'd support her in a heartbeat over any of the three, 
nearly indistinguishable good ol' boy establishment clones. 

And, yea, verily, it has come to pass.  The recent allegations have only
intensified the effect in my estimation.  People in South Carolina have been
whipped into a frenzy.  The other candidates in the race are frantic now-
-and for good reason.  They should, if there are any rational voices in their 
campaigns, have a lot of fear regarding what is to come. Their
campaigns have been virtually wiped off the radar of public attention.

Sorry if I sound as if I'm a political expert--I ain't and I don't know many
who claim to be such that are expert enough to be right even most
of the time in their predictions--but this whole man-made disaster of a 
gubernatorial election bears a striking resemblance to some events in the 
1980s and 1990s that I witnessed in another state.

I've seen political backlashes before.  Both of them were in Alabama when
I lived there--one occurred after a similar personal attack and another
happened when a corrupt Democrat Party in Alabama in 1986 nullified the
results of the primary for governor and put up their own choice instead. 
In both cases, the sympathy and outrage backlash caused a landslide of
monumental proportions resulting in the defeat of those who so grievously
abused the voters with their lies and subterfuge.  In one case, a man 
simply made district judge.  In the other case, a man became the first
Republican governor since the Reconstruction era.

I think Nikki Haley is about to make history, too.  People are mad as hell
at the good ol' boy establishment and combined with the tea party
movement--which has been very strong here with Nikki Haley
as a frequently featured speaker (none of the other gubernatorial
 candidates could show up without getting booed)--we are about to see
a perfect political storm hit South Carolina that could end the careers of 
many who have stooped to such hellish tactics.

You see, the problem with the establishment political manipulators is that
they invariably underestimate the collective intelligence of the electorate. 
This is mostly because these so-called "experts" confuse apathy with
ignorance or lack of intelligence.  If the manipulators were to maximize 
the expectations that most folks have with politicians: "take care of
business and leave us to hell alone" they'd try to stay under the radar
as much as possible and only present a smiling face and their names in big
letters on large signboards everywhere possible.  And that is a frequent 
tactic used to gain office in this state. 

Unfortunately for the politicians, they've grown so fat, happy, corrupt, 
and powerful that they've also grown very arrogant.  They're not just 
walking over us now.  We've got the Jabba the Hutt proportions of Jake
Knotts standing on our throats now. 

Make no mistake about it: this is war.  And I'm not saying
that we are the ones declaring war.  I'm saying that corrupt
government has been waging war on us, the citizens, for a very long time. 
It is only now when it's getting difficult to breath down here that enough
folks are starting to ask themselves why they're putting up with this garbage.

And, of course, with perfect comedic timing, here come the good ol' boy
clowns like Glenn McCon-artist and Jake "Pork" Knottzi defiantly refusing to
grant us the transparency and accountability that we not only desire, but
justifiably and indignantly demand from them. 

And, from the more serious among them, out slide the long knives in happily
coordinated and unfounded attacks on Nikki Haley's character.  They've
made a critical mistake however.  Nikki Haley represents the frustration We,
the People are feeling right now.  We, the People, of course, recognize that 
We, the People are the real targets of those attacks.

The establishment manipulators may have quite a hangover the morning after
the primary.  If history repeats itself and Nikki Haley rides the wave of a huge
surge of voter resentment, they'll be having to plan a way to fight a popular
sitting governor who will take her message straight to the voters again and 
again as she fights to put in full accountability by making ours the most 
transparently functioning state government in the history of South Carolina,
if not the entire United States. 

And you know what?  She won't be alone.  She'll have thousands of activists
from around the state--regular working folks--helping her achieve the same ends. 
This is true power to the people.  The fat and happy hogs wallowing
in state and federal funds at the statehouse should be afraid--very afraid.