Instant Tea Party at SC Statehouse

The Statehouse event today was like an instant tea party. Three to four thousand showed up with less than 24 hours notice and was full of energy. This was HUGE. I defy any other candidate in the race to pull something like this off.

No matter what you may think of Palin, she has a LOT of appeal and it was very apparent.  I’m not a big fan of hers though I admire her ability to make Constitutional politics a popular subject for everyday Americans.  Hey, every little bit helps.

Nikki easily stood her own, however and it was apparent that Palin really knows Nikki and what she’s all about. It’s also obvious that she recognized Nikki Haley as part of the reform movement here in SC and across the country. The race has just gotten interesting.

The crowd was nearly as big as the April 15th tea party of 2009 and a little larger than the tea party last month.  Folks there, mostly sporting Haley stickers, were very excited and very loud in their enthusiasm for Haley and the special guest star, Sarah Palin.

Nikki gave a rousing speech and Palin went into very flattering detail of Nikki’s campaign and her reasons for supporting it–all the usual stuff that is involved in such an endorsement.

This is NOT a deal-sealer for Nikki Haley by any means.  It is also not an intellectual nor philosophical milestone in libertarian/Constitutional politics, in and of itself, for a celebrity politician mostly known for being a celebrity politician to endorse Haley.

In basic terms, it’s mostly an ice cream social in terms of modern campaigning: it turned out a huge crowd VERY quickly and got a LOT of attention–nothing to be scoffed at by ANY means in campaigning.  In other words, in terms of Nikki Haley’s campaign to become governor, it is a HUGE win in getting attention to her candidacy, including more national and international attention–all BLOODY POSITIVE rather than embarrassing, by the way–to the SC gubernatorial race.  (Are you listening, “Craig’s List Pimp” McMaster?  Are you listening, “Stray Dog” Bauer?  Are you listening, “No Show No Vote” Barrett?)

This event is a testament to Nikki Haley’s ABILITY to get her message out.  Very early on, Nikki worked hard and helped organize an army of regular folks, including yours truly, in the quest to get on-the-record voting.  She works with US, the people.  This is in stark contrast to making backroom deals to force unwanted, pork-laden laws on us as the likes of Glenn McConnell and Jake Knotts routinely do.

Nikki can communicate at the grassroots level as well as the more rarefied air of celebrity conservative politics.  She handles it very well in both extremes, in my opinion, because she is earnest in her political activities.  She is very serious about winning badly needed reforms to fight the corrupt power brokers IN HER OWN PARTY.  That takes GUTS!

Since she has spoken up for on-the-record voting in defiance of leaders in both houses in the general assembly, there has been a wave of reform sweeping the state.  Albeit this is the zeitgeist of the past couple of years, it must be noted that Nikki Haley was tea party before there was a tea party.  Like many of us who have actively supported her focusing like a laser beam on transparency–the rock upon which all further reform will be built–she KNEW the problems and DARED to speak out when no one else would.  SHE inspired other politicians to join her in the cause of fighting corrupt and free spending petty tyrants like Glenn McConnell and Jake Knotts.

Nikki Haley is head and shoulders above the go-along-to-get-along crowd she is opposing in the GOP primary next month.  Nikki Haley is a FIGHTER–or, as Sarah Palin put it earlier today, “She’s not a fighter–she’s a WINNER!”

We’ll see about that in a few weeks.  For now, all I can say is WOW-FREAKIN’-WOW! at the momentum her campaign has taken in this, the final lap towards the finish line next month.

Whether this confluence of events was timed out perfectly by the managers of her campaign or simply taken proper advantage of as opportunities have presented themselves, Nikki Haley’s team has shown us all what a real campaign is all about.  This is real, appreciable excitement.  Win or lose, Nikki Haley and her team have stirred up real interest from the people that need to take notice before casting their votes.

In a tea party era of popular unrest and demands to return to a legal form of government, Nikki Haley has shown that she can tap into this energy and take her rightful place at the head of a movement that is flexing its muscles in a manner not seen by any group in many decades.

Yet, if you talk to Nikki Haley as I have, she’ll just tell you she’s doing it because she knows it’s the right thing to do.  She has no real choice in her opinion.  She has too much energy to sit still and what she does is done because she truly believes that responsible citizens cannot sit idly by and let government continue to abuse us.

For what it’s worth, I’ll add my official endorsement for Nikki Haley to be our next governor to the endorsement of celebrity politician Sarah Palin’s.  I know it may not be worth much in comparison but I cannot help but deeply admire someone who will fight for what is right no matter the consequences.

P.S. Whether Nikki Haley pulls it off or not will depend on us.  If you want to make a real difference this time around, get involved!  Go to nikkihaley.com and donate money, time, whatever you’ve got.  It’s all on US this time–WTC