Republicans Debate Through Pelosi Blackout

Kudos to minority leader Beohner, the house members and bystanders in the gallery who refused to yield when Pelosi’s Democrats voted to adjourn Friday 8/1 and close the House at 11:23am before debate on drilling could begin. Meaningful debate on domestic drilling has been blocked by the Democrats for a month now, while media pundits continue to portray Republicans as the true obstructionists. Pelosi’s blackout underscores the control Big Green has over the Democratic leadership. Full repayment of all debts owed will be expected this year while polling shows increasing and overwhelming support for drilling now. Enough background, this is all well documented in the blogs. I want Beohner and the Republicans to know that their stand Friday was not in vain. The media coverage has been scant and predictably the attempted debate is being dismissed as a stunt. (Wouldn’t putting the issue at the bottom of the docket of the last session before recess…nevermind.)
Tomorrow, 8/4, I’m going to mail light bulbs, one each, to John Beohner and my Representative. I’m going to thank them for the show of backbone we saw 8/1. Turning off the cameras and microphones is certainly the more salient action here (this from the party that’s always going on about free speech, the 1st amendment and the will of the people), but I believe it is the lights being turned off that captures the moment. My light bulb will be dated 8/1/08 in sharpee with a thanks. I hope others can find time to let our leaders know they have our support. I hope we can give the minority the will it needs to bring a vote. Who knows? The nuts campaign brought back Jerico for another season. Since it’s recess I’m mailing my packages to the home offices, not D.C.