Democrats - It's Okay To Vote For Romney - He Is A 1960's Democrat

Democrats – It’s Okay To Vote For Romney.

Mitt Romney is really in the mold of a 1960’s type of Democrat.  His stances on the issues and political philosophies are very close to President Kennedy’s:  Cut taxes to spur the economy and actually generate more revenues to the government, keep the budget balanced, strong defense, stand up for America and her interests, basic safety net for the truly needy, etc.

Mr. Romney is your parents’ idea of an authentic democrat.  He holds to the ideas that traditional democrats held until the uber left of the party started taking over in the 1990’s (or earlier).  He would easily fit in with John Kennedy and other moderate democrats of that era.

Democrats – go ahead – it’s okay to vote for Romney.  After all, you would really be voting for a traditional democrat  vs. voting for a far left One.  Think about it, Romney is more likely to work with the Democrats in the House and Senate than Obama.  Also more likely to increase good paying jobs in energy, manufacturing and related job sectors as well as increasing entrepreneurial opportunities.