Arizona - Now A State Without A Country? Or Just A U.S. Territory?

Is Arizona (AZ) now A State Without A Country?  I think a strong case can be made for that theme or that Arizona was just effectively demunited to a territory of the United States.

First, the U.S. government did not do its job in enforcing immigration laws in AZ, causing it to be overrun.  Naturally, AZ tries to protect itself by passing identical laws to the Federal Laws so they can handle the illegal immigration problem.

Next, the U.S. government takes AZ to court to stop it from enforcing these laws that mirror federal laws.

Then the Supreme Court says the Federal Government “has got these” in three of the four laws, i.e., federal preemption applies and the Feds will handle them.  The Supremes did say Arizona can implement the fourth law, i.e., when an individual is stopped for another offense, officers may ask the individual for proof of being in the U.S. legally.

However, almost immediately after the Supreme Court issued these decisions, the U.S. government said it was essentially not going to take any calls/referrals from Arizona regarding illegal immigrants.   PLUS, the U.S. set up a hot line for people to call if they think Arizona law enforcement officials may be abusing the new law.

Ergo, The Supreme Court prohibits Arizona taking action to slow down the mass illegal immigration going across its state, then the U.S. government provides the knock out punch by not taking Arizona illegal immigration referrals.  Finally, as a Gestapo warning to any other states, the Feds set up a snitch hot line.

The result, Arizona is “Dead to the U.S.”  AZ is powerless to do anything and must just allow the illegal immigrants to run freely through its state.  Message to potential illegals – come on in through Arizona – go wherever you want in the U.S.  Oh, and do not forget to vote on November 6th.

Arizona does have a viable option though.  Secession.  It is already a sovereign republic.  Then it can enforce its own borders without U.S. government interference.  This might cause a stampede of actual U.S. citizens and legals into Arizona, resolving their poor housing market.  I get first dibs on entry.  See you in Prescott!




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