Can You Trust Carbonite With Your Data?

Per the previous article on RedState.com linked below, CAN YOU TRUST CARBONITE WITH YOUR DATA?  According to the story Carbonite supports Obama.  If they have all your data, do you really think they would not share it with the Obama administration?  I mean Google is tight with Obama.  Almost everyone does not trust Google – fearful Google has or will give personal information to the Obama administration for possible nefarious purposes.  I for one would get all my information off of Carbonite servers pronto and demand they not retain any of it.  I think a 3 TB portable back-up hard drive is looking pretty good right now.


The link below from Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator lays it out clearly and names the other companies dropping Rush.


“Not to speak is to speak, Not to act is to act.”   Bonhoeffer.

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