Praying With the Enemy

Okay…so I’ve suspected all along that Obama is a Muslim and he has proven himself a liar and liberal extremist of the worst (Communist/Marxist/Socialist/name your “ist”) kind, but today in church I learned that literally hurt me, both spiritually and physically: my heart broke.

I hadn’t heard this on FoxNews and I didn’t see any posts written here about the National Day of Muslim Prayer to be held in Washington D. C. on Friday, September 25, 2009. 50,000 Muslims are expected to join together and offer prayers to Allah from 7am to 4:00pm (I think the times are correct) in our Capital city.

The government of our great country, founded upon Christian principles and God’s Law, is welcoming mass prayer to an anti-god in its capital city! Will O. show up? How many of our law makers will be there in a show of heathen political correctness? Will the msm cover this event and praise it for being so open-mindedly wonderful?

In the Scriptures you will find that whenever a country or city turned from the one, true God, the repercussions were tremendous. The U.S. has been turning from the Lord for a long time now, and this may just be the move that seals our fate. My comfort comes in knowing that He is in control, and as my pastor put it: “God is the majority, so what have we to fear?” I’ll be praying on Wednesday, the Christian National Day of Prayer, but I will more fervently lift my cries to Heaven on Friday. May God have mercy on us all.