Compromise and the Winds of Change

I’m sorry. 


We’ve been careless and we see the error of our ways now. 


We’ll do it your way. 


Please forgive us. 


Please love us.  


I could puke. 


If I hear one more apology from Obama, Clinton, or Geitner I’m going to scream.  What are they doing!?  America has had more positive impact on our world than any county on the planet, and our great leaders are apologizing?  Not only are they apologizing, they seem to be begging the world to like us.  And what is the world’s response?  They are blowing us off like a hot summer breeze, and, I believe, laughing at us.  Russia and Italy blew off Obama; India blew off Clinton, and Geitner is running around the world begging the countries who own us not to sell their interests because it will devastate our economy.  Do you think he’ll be blown off too?  The world is shaking its collective head over us in pity and it’s embarrassing.   


And why are terrorists allowed to hold a conference, aka recruiting seminar, in a hotel in Chicago?  What on earth is that all about?  These people are trying to kill us, are killing us, and live to kill us!   Talk about compromising!  I know, I know…freedom of speech and the right to assemble.  It just makes me sick that terrorists are free to flaunt their violent ideology on American soil, in Obama’s Chicago, while our personal freedoms are being stripped away.  Even more disconcerting is the comfort these terrorists have in planning and executing the seminar.  There is no fear because they know that our president is a weak and ineffectual leader, intent upon holding hands with the world, dictators and killers included.  Soon these seminars will be held all over the country, drawing in young men and women with the promise of power and everlasting joy with Allah.  (All those virgins will be a big draw for the young men.J)  


You know, maybe our leaders should be apologizing.  But not to the world, to us.  Our leaders should be ashamed that groups intent upon destroying our country feel free to spew their venomous hatred as they seek to grow larger and more powerful in a posh hotel in one of the most famous cities in the world.  They should hang their heads and acknowledge that compromise and quid pro quo have ruled decision making for too long, and the Republic has paid a dear price.  This is their country, their home, and in the interest of self-interest and personal agendas, they seem as intent upon destroying it as our enemies. 


The winds of change are indeed blowing.  The era of looking out for number one must end.  Let us not be defensive, but let us defend our great country with everything we have.  We need to stop paying attention to most of what the MSM, extreme liberals, and others are saying; it’s a waste of time to argue with lunatics.  Let us act instead of re-act. Let us commit to hit our knees and humble ourselves before our Great God.  When He moves in the hearts of men, great leaders will emerge.  It’s past time to kick off the dust from our feet; we must look forward, and fight forward.