Just Look at What He's Doing!

The Fourth of July has never been more inspiring than it was/is this year.  It’s only the fifth so I’m not done celebrating yet J  Flags are waving in my neighborhood where I normally don’t see flags; it’s really moving. 


People are pulling together like I’ve never seen before.  And it seems that people are thinking more than they used to, about what America means, how we got here, and how we can hang on to what we, as a nation of free people, have accomplished. 


Just now, on Fox News, a discussion about “Obamaggedon” is going on.  Dire predictions are being spouted about everything from unemployment to the complete destruction of our economy and more scary predictions for 2012.  Discomfort, but no fear here.


Who is the “He” in my title?  Definitely not the Obamarator!  I’m talking about God.  So many people here on RS are writing about their faith, prayer, and dependency on our Creator.  There seems to be a strengthening cohesiveness among us, and it gives me hope and courage.  This is what God wants for His people, and maybe we have gotten too comfortable in our prosperity.  (Don’t misunderstand…I’m not saying prosperity is bad..read on:))Most of us don’t feel a need to pray when everything is going well for us.  But now, He is drawing His people to Himself, and anyone who has a relationship with the Lord knows that we are never closer to Him or stronger in Him than in adversity.  We don’t need to fear what man can do to us when God is on our side, so let us continue rejoicing and praising His name and we march on.


Not only will God not let us down, we won’t fail each other.  Just like all of the soldiers who have fought and died for freedom here and abroad, and those who fight on the other side of the world today, we will fight to the end to hang on to our God-given rights.  We will hold each other up and we’ll be okay.