Just Me...a Thought or Two

So, it’s a bit intimidating sticking my toe into this arena.  After all, I’m just a wife, mom, and high school teacher.  I’m not a political scholar and have no hope of ever becoming a talking head, but I am moved to share some thoughts with all of you…be kind.


Lately I’ve been hearing about groups from Vermont and Texas whose desire to secede from the nation has been gaining steam.  Secede from the United States of America?  What?!  My heart breaks.  Is our country perfect? No, but it is the greatest country on the planet no matter what poor decisions are being made in Washington.  Last night on Fox News I heard a man from Texas talking about how he and his movement have been working on seceding since 1996.  The way he spoke reminded of a spoiled child pouting over the way the game was being played, threatening to take his ball and go home.  If he’d just stop and think for a minute he’d realize how ridiculous he sounds.  If he lived in many other nations on earth could he even speak about seceding without fear?


And what am I to think about the health care debate?  This is a big one.  I’m not a kid any more and doctor visits are becoming a more frequent occurrence.  My current physician has a sign posted in the waiting area informing patients that he doesn’t treat Medicaid patients.  It makes me wonder…would he treat patients on Obama’s Public Policy?  I don’t know that he’d have much faith in the government’s pay-back ability.  Am I a little nervous about health care in this country?  Absolutely!  Will I panic over it?  Absolutely not.   I’m feeling better about it since it seems as though many on the left are beginning to panic about the Plan.  2010 will be here before they know it and support is crumbling.  The likes of Harry Reid and Dick Durbin have to yell louder and louder to be heard over the doubt.  It’s a good sign.


Then there’s North Korea to keep us up at night.  Will they or won’t they shoot a missile at us in early July?  Might they shoot a missile at us tonight?  Maybe it’s not a good idea to cut our defense spending, huh?  Of course it’s not a good idea.  Can we defend ourselves by shooting a missile out of the air should it threaten us?  I hope and pray so. 


Iran.  I watch the goings on there and am humbled by the courage of the people fighting for change.  The desperation of the youth takes my breath away and I am moved to tears.  Does the United States have anything to do with the movement?  Is the CIA running the show over there?  I don’t believe that for a minute, and hopefully the rest of the world shakes their head at the accusation. 


What about President Obama’s response to the uprising?  Has he spoken out strongly enough against the injustices being inflicted upon the protesters?  I don’t agree with most, if not all, of his policies, but I hesitate to judge him on this issue.  What exactly is the correct thing to say or do in this situation?  I’m glad that I’m not the president. 


It was during the presidential press conference yesterday that these thoughts came bubbling to the surface.  For the first time since Obama hit the campaign trail (has he ever really left the trail? J) the liberal press was asking some tough questions and not laughing at the glib responses.  For the first time the light from the Star flickered just a bit and I saw real tension and displeasure from our leader.  Though I feel that Major Garrett’s question about Obama’s response to Iran was delivered a bit on the rude side the inquiry was justified.  The President was noticeably knocked off balance by CNN and NBC, along with the question posed by an African American reporter demanding an answer to the question of unemployment among that community.   His response was to cut her off and move on to the next question.  It was like watching a cornered animal at the end and his escape was swift. 


The Angel has fallen just a little closer to earth and I have hope.