The shape of things to come?

Hopefully, at some point in time before it becomes too late to turn back from the precipice the public will start to realize where character matters. Character is shaped by the events and associations in a persons life.

Who has not heard of the phrase; If you get in the mud with the pigs, you get dirty? No… I’m not talking about putting lipstick on the little guy. This is about values; American values.

There has been a fundamental shift in our culture in the last 40 years or so. Here is a short list to name few:

  • Removal of the Pledge of Allegiance

  • Flag desecration

  • Trying to remove God from anything printed or coined

  • Censorship of rebuttals or speech

  • Political correctness to the point where our own laws are used against us

Slowly, but surely the culture of the country has been tried to be changed. Those of us who grew up in small towns and cities recognize this, as I’m sure others will also. We were always taught to follow the rules, keep your nose clean, and things will work out just fine.

It seems the culture has now become one of; what can we put in our nose to feel fine, and how can we get around the rules. Or better yet, let’s change the rules so that they benefit someone who can benefit us.

I’m not a political junkie who can cite chapter and verse on all things economic or political, national or international, but I can recognize when something is not right.

This election has polarized some who vote for change. I say; Be careful what you wish for! The change you get may be more than you can abide by.

We do not need change, we need REFORM! The system is not broken, it’s corrupted.

The removal of independent will is being given freely, since people seem to consider soundbites rather than looking for the truth using logic and reason.

I leave you with this graphic.

Pledge of Allegiance

Who are you voting for?