Learning a hard lesson

We may want to carefully examine four Democrat “Yes” votes on the Health care Bill:






They have a great deal in common.  Each of them are freshman Democrats who defeated a Republican incumbunt in a district carried by John McCain. 

Some voters may have split their tickets in these races, or they may have simply voted for McCain and not bothered with the down ballot races.  I an at least one case, I know that many conservatives actively campaigned for the Democrat because the Republican was not “pure’ enough for them.   Regardless of motivation the effect was the same.  Voters who were conservative enough to vote for McCain over Obama allowed the election of a Democrat in the same district by action or inaction.

If these four Democrats had been unable to defeat their Republican incumbent opponents, the vote on Sunday would have been 219 Against instead of 219 in favor.

To all those people insisting on ideological purity: Thanks a whole lot!!!  We may be paying the price for your decision for a very long time.