Are Entrepreneurial Cities The Answer To Solving Global Poverty?

Recently ReasonTV went to Honduras to film a 4 part mini-documentary on a new experiment which would start up what many call a Startup or Free city. Basically what it is is a city run independently run and operated by an entrepreneurial company with its own laws and system. If successful it’ll radically transform poverty and crime ridden Honduras into a huge economic boom country.

Part 1 discusses governance and technology which describes the key players in the project. The project was originally passed by the Honduran Congress back in 2011. But one of the key players had pulled out of it citing lack of transparency and was ruled unconstitutional by the Honduran Supreme Court. Later in 2013, the Congress passed a revised version of the plan. The original version setup the startup cities to be run and operated by foreign governments. Here they’re run by entrepreneurial companies. Right now the project isn’t due to start until several months from now.

Part 2 discusses company towns which are early experiments already well underway with huge success.

Part 3 takes a look at the skeptics and the concerns they have about the project being sabotaged by the status quo.

Part 4 takes discussion with the people putting money behind the project to make it reality and the vision they hold for the future.

I strongly suggest you watch all four episodes as they’re informative and interesting to see. This idea has already been put into practice in other places around the world such as China with Hong Kong and Shanghai. Similar models have been suggested by Rand Paul for cities like Detroit that have been run into the ground by decades of Democrat Party control. I’d think this would be a good model such places like California, Illinois and New York which regularly see residents leaving in droves due to high taxes and ridiculous regulations. Moreover could this idea be the solution to global poverty? Only time will tell.

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