2 Perry Subjects That I've Been Surprised Haven't Been Brought Up Yet

Two ideas that Perry came up with while Governor of Texas does show he is a pretty creative guy and got my attention before he even ran for President. Sadly neither of these two have been brought up by the Perry campaign during his debates and speeches nor have they been brought up by anybody here on RedState(although I’ve alluded to them a couple times).

The Border WebCams

This one is actually pretty fun and hopefully I might end up creating a little stampede to the site here. Basically in 2006 Perry came up with the idea of putting webcams along the border and putting the feed up online for anybody in the world to come on and spot for illegals on the Texas border. It took a few years for him to appropriate  a couple million dollars, implement the program, and set them up. The site is: http://www.blueservo.net/ and you can hop on today and start spotting after a quick registration. There are 21 cameras in total(I think there were about a dozen when I first came on over a year ago).

Personally I think if they offered up a small reward per spot and put up a few hundred more cameras they would have thousands of people doing it each day(partially for the fun and partially for a few extra bucks) and it would be substantially cheaper than loading the border with tons of people patrolling and cheaper than hiring thousands of people and paying them salaries to sit and watch cams all day. Apparently I think they are having some break down in their enforcement on webcam tips and I think it has to do with the fact that they want you to email them when you make a find(probably adds to much delay) so it might be a good idea to track down the phone number for the local enforcement agency and give them a call if you make a find instead.

But altogether its a pretty smart idea and something that I thought about when I was rooting for Perry to enter the race back in 2010 before the race had even started.


Higher Education Policy

Another area that doesn’t get mentioned about Perry was his ideas on higher education. Essentially in Perry’s first term he looked at separating the state aid directed at the public(read favored) state universities and giving it to students as a voucher. Apparently the public universities screamed bloody murder and succeeded in stopping it, but it was a good idea back then and its a good idea now(even though its not a federal one it does show he’s pretty creative and has good policy instincts). He ended settling later on for a pretty watered down sub par bill on trying to create some accountability for public universities, but maybe we’ll see his original idea more in the future.

Here is a so-so(but detailed) article that covers it from The Weekly Standard: http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/perry-and-profs_593055.html


And now starts a small stampede of registrations on blueservo as that is probably more interesting than my diary!















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