3 New State Polls For The Primaries

Likely being released tomorrow. These are the notes coming out of PPP.
“1st and 2nd in our West Virginia poll: Cain and Newt. Just when you think the GOP race couldn’t get any weirder…”
“Rick Perry’s net favorability with WV Republicans has dropped 30 points in a month from +43 (52/9) to +13 (38/25)”
“A month ago 33% of WV Republicans said Perry was their first choice, now 15%. And when Christie’s included Perry drops to 9%”
“Favorabilities with WV Republicans: Christie +43, Bachmann +25, Gingrich +24, Romney +15, Perry +13, Paul -20”
“We didn’t even test Cain’s fav because he wasn’t top 5 on our last national poll. Will have to add him in”
“1st and 2nd in Nebraska: Cain and Gingrich. Just like WV. GOP race has always been wide open, it has NEVER been this wide open.”
“Perry’s favorability with Nebraska Republicans is 35/35…really remarkable how much his image has tanked so fast”
“Favorabilities with Nebraska Republicans: Christie +25, Gingrich +17, Bachmann +13, Romney +11, Perry even, Paul -21”
“In North Carolina Cain leads with Gingrich tied for 2nd. So Cain led all 3 states polls we did over the weekend.”
“I think Herman Cain is the new GOP frontrunner. At least for the next week.”
“Perry’s net favorability in NC has dropped 37 points in the last month from +44 (61/17) to +7 (44/37)”
“In 4 years at PPP I’ve never been as befuddled by a set of polls as this past weekend’s…Cain/Newt to top of GOP field out of nowhere?”
And that’s all of them.