Huge Polling Numbers Coming In For Cain

I’m getting some news about PPP’s polling over the weekend apparently they weren’t expecting at all for Cain to be up as big as he is. One person even used the word “seismic” to refer to what they’re seeing.

Apparently, Cain is up really big. Even though they are doing 3 states right now they are now very confident Cain is way up in the national polls. It also just so happens that the 3 states they are polling have in the past put up some of the largest numbers for Perry.

The 3 states are West Virginia, Nebraska, and North Carolina.

A month ago Perry led  in West Virginia by more than 20 points. Now its a 4 way tie between Romney, Perry, Cain, and Newt.

A month ago Perry also led North Carolina by more than 20 points. Now Cain is up really big and Perry is in 3rd or 4th place(close on night one).

In Nebraska Cain is also up big time.

All 3 of these were expected to have some of the strongest Perry numbers out there, and now 2 of them are moving heavily for Cain and the last is a 4 way tie.

Poll release should probably be on or around Tuesday.