Conservative Innovation--The Long War

This is by far the most important diary I can make here at Redstate because it is the subject that I believe is the 100% most lacking from our activists, and the subject that would yield the most benefits to our movement if we only discussed it just a tiny bit more than we currently do.

Currently, we spend practically 100% of our time focused on the most near term: elections, bills, news, etc. These things are without a doubt extremely important, but in tandem with a focus on these things we also need to at least talk a tiny bit about how to win the long war which in my personal belief is achievable in a lot shorter period than most think. Essentially, my long studies has showed me that in our lifetimes we could actually see minorities majority conservative, universities majority conservative, urban areas majority conservative, etc. assuming we actually decided to spend the time and effort to win those areas. It wont be easy, but I can assure you that I have had plenty of conversations with professors, union guys, urban liberals, etc. that have been very, very productive. We could do this if we actually as a movement(not just our politicians and their campaigns) set out to win that fight. And just think of the larger and larger political rewards we would get every cycle that would come from at least some long term strategies.

Here is just a rough list of just categories that these strategies could fit in. I can assure you this is just a fraction of what is out there for just categories. And there are thousands of individual ideas for each category.

-Direct person to person communication(on a large scale)
-Issue focused marketing
-Distribution of books, audio books, and documentaries
-Production of new documentaries and books
-Capital for conservative causes(conservative VC funds and Angel networks for conservative movies, music, documentaries, books, etc.
-Creating and growing more conservative news outlets
-Changing control of existing liberal news outlets
-Accelerating the collapse in existing liberal news outlets
-Creating *more efficient* sources of information for students that are more conservative than what they are given
-Creating, promoting, etc. new or existing universities and private schools that are more conservative alternatives
-Seeking to damage liberal institutions or liberal departments
-Attempting to change the control of existing institutions
-Growing student conservative groups and conservative student movements
-Strategies to move the political beliefs of those with education power or changing the makeup of departments
-Attempts to change, get new leadership, crackdown on, or break up unions
-Creating, and growing new organizations
-Co-opting existing organizations(AARP, AMA, etc.)
-Government competition through technology(email, fedex, online education, etc.) and through jurisdictional arbitrage(medical tourism)
-Easy to use financing clearinghouse for all of the above(actright, bigredtent-when they actually get back up and running, and any others)

I am convinced that we first need a location and enough willing participants to act as a hub for ideas. So that all an activist or activist group has to do is plug and play any idea they like. I seriously want to hear others views on this subject.

But all I can tell you is that from the bottom of my heart and everything I’ve seen in the political world that this subject needs to be talked about. It is capable of yielding unbelievable returns to all of us. And if there was anything that I would put my entire political self on the line to promote, it would be this–winning the hearts and minds of the American people(not just for 1 election, but for the rest of their lives).