Colorado Right To Life, Solution?

On the Personhood Amendment Topic a lot of things were talked about. Here I’m only addressing the questionnaires that groups like CRTL require candidates to take in order to support them.

I asked a question in regards to these questionnaires.

The personhood amendment is a ballot initiative. A GOP candidate is seeking elected office. Neither really need anything from the other to succeed.

So, why is it necessary to even know what a GOP candidates position is on the ballot initiative? Also why is it even important to know what a particular candidate’s positions are on condoms, birth control, etc.?

The response was!

What I replied to was your assertion that a simple “I am Pro-Life” statement should be enough. Bart Stupak is a case study on why that approach doesn’t work.

I then asked.

But couldn’t an elected official just violate the answers on a questionnaire?

The response being

Sure he could, if he only wants one term

And I answered back

How is that different from someone that says he is pro life and then goes against it?

Now, again maybe there is a logic to the questionnaires that someone could provide, but so far I’m just not seeing it. I apologize if I’m missing something that is obvious.

Potential Solution

What if instead of requiring a list of very specific answers that will then be used by the Democrat opponents to divide Independents, Republicans, and even some pro-life voters, instead we just used a very basically written contract.

Something along the lines of:

I hereby swear that I will be a tireless supporter and promoter of the pro life movement; pro life policy; and do what I can to advance our mutual desire to see that abortion becomes illegal. And if the pro life movement should determine that I am not doing what I can then I agree that I should be fired and replaced.

Signed, <said candidate>

I think something of this sort will be just as powerful as any questionnaire.

And I would circulate a petition amongst churches that would go like this.

In the interests, of allowing candidates to think to use their own creativity to advance the pro life movement; to see to it that the pro life movement doesn’t become even more divided that it already is; and to make sure that we still have a powerful force on our elected officials.

We hereby ask our pro life groups to replace questionnaires like this… with a contract that looks like this…(said above) for our elected officials.

Have the petition signed at church’s. Include the names of the church’s on the petition when you hand it to CRTL and other groups.

Now this is just an idea. I’m not saying its right. But at least useful to stimulate discussion on whether or not we are going about things in a productive way.