Why National Security is so important

Why is national security so important to us but not President Obama?  President Obama seems to think that world issues are not important enough to demand his full attention, Instead he is determined to remake America in the Image of Western Europe. Here are a few reasons that national security is important.

1. Radical Islam. There are currently 55 conflicts going on in the world involving Radical Islam, they include Sudan, Somalia, Philippians, Pakistan, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Kashmir, India, Indonesia, Nigeria just to name a few of the conflicts. Radical Islam is not interested in money or Gold, they do not want political power or a land of their own. What they want is complete control of your thoughts and actions. They want control over your God, they want to take us all back to the 17th century.

2. Nuclear Proliferation. One of the most terrifying thing I can imagine is a regime of radical Islam having an atom bomb. this weekend N.korea launched a long range missile capable of reaching California or Alaska. we know that N.Korea has the technology to build a bomb. Now N.Korea is as broke as any country can be, so is it so hard to believe that they would sell this technology to someone offering a lot of money? What’s more Pakistan and India are in danger of being taken over by radical Islam, and both of these countries have a large number of nuclear weapons.

3. Russia- Iran Alliance. This is something that is still developing But nothing good can come from this, they would control most of the worlds OIL, and all of Eurasia.

4. Isalmzation of Europe Islam fought for 100’s of years to take control of Europe only to be stopped by the Europeans. Now they have found a way to take over Europe with out firing a shot. The Europeans stopped having babies and in order to support their Giant Governments they had to import children, and the Muslims were happy to fill the birth rate gap. With in our life time Europe will be majority Muslim. Imagine France and Italy and Germany looking like Sudia Arabia,or worse Iran.

This is Why National security is so important Mr. Obama, Soon America will be alone as the last great Western Democracy based on Judo Christian, Anglo Saxon value’s. And When we stand alone we must be able to defend ourselves.