The arrogance of our President

I am sure that you all caught the bailout fiasco, AIG has paid millions in bonuses to its employs and the self righteous governing class is outraged. Well I am outraged as well but for so many different reason’s.

How dare the POTUS tell a private company that they can not pay bonuses that are due its employee’s, the president has no authority make those sorts of demands. and while I am thinking about it how dare he set a cap on executive salaries, if the shareholders do not wan to pay the executives high salaries that is for them to decided. The last time I checked we still have a free market economy….. Oh wait I am thinking back the the America I grew up in..

Look close People this is what socialism is, the government, no one man decides what the top pay is and if bonuses are paid out. We have accepted the creep into socialism(look at our schools, and have you been to the DMV lately?)

I do not feel bad for AIG, or bank executives, they went to the government with there hands out saying “man I have some more sir” well the got it. Of course with Government monies there are always strings attached, so many that the get tangled up and turn perfectly good companies in to the USPS.

So AIG, CITI, BOA you have made your bed now lie in it, dosent the government make a wonderful bed buddy. If you only would have looked at everything the government touches you would have realized how bad of a decision taking the money was. My Solution to AIG, sell what ever you have to to pay back the government, it will be worth it to have them out of your bed.

So I ask you with the example of AIG, CITI,BOA, social security and Medicare who in there right mind would want the government to take over health care? The government screws up everything it touches, now is the time to smack there hands as the reach for more and more. Mark my words if we do not stand up now, with one voice and say NO MORE, then no more is what we will have left. Oh by the way I hope that you don’t mind having your 401K taking over by the government, because I believe that is coming as well, that is unless we stand up and yell at the top of our lungs ” YOU WORK FOR US, WE DO NOT ANSWER TO YOU!”

God bless