some thoughts on fascism....

In case the white house is reading this i love Obama,

Ok now that that is out of the way it is amazing how far the counrty has gone in 6 weeks.  it used to be patriotic to critize the president and say that the presidents lies and people die.  Now six weks latter everything the president does is the right thing and is going to save us.  Imagine if Bush 43 had had so much trouble finding ethical cabinet member’s,  it would still be a daily front page story, but with Herr Obama it is different,  why?  Well in order to take our country into a liberal fascist state you must control the press.  It seems that the the MSM has willingly become the machine of the white house.

   “If Big Brother (of Orwell’s 1984) comes to America, he will not be a fearsome, foreboding figure with a heart-chilling, omnipresent glare as in 1984. He will come with a smile on his face, a quip on his lips, a wave to the crowd, and a press that (a) dutifully reports the suppressive measures he is taking to save the nation from internal chaos and foreign threat; and (b) gingerly questions whether he will be able to succeed.” ~ Michael Parenti