Now is the begining for the true conservative's

What is done is done, but i do not believe that means there should not be some finger pointing.

First:I believe that we did not have a chance with Mccain as our standard bearer, he was and is a blue blood republican not a conservative and because of that we did not have a chance.

Second: In the last thirty years the only times the GOP has had large victories is when they had and supported conservative idea’s (80 reagan,94 contract with America, 2000 Bush) ask yourself what was the one thing that truly difined these victories.. Tax cuts and smaller goverment.) now granted Bush then went on to spend like a democrate but the first election was about tax cuts. This is our winning issue. Hell Obama used that tactic against us “95% of american’s will get a tax cut”.

Third: I can not beleive that our country wants to go into a western European model of socialism. As a party we did a miserable job of contrasting ourselves, it took a plumber in Ohio to even bring the topic up. Why did this happen?

  1. we have forgotten the faces of our fathers the founding father’s that is. we have forgotten they lessons they taught us. we no longer teach there words or promote their idea’s
  2. It is politically easier to spend taxpayers money, then to tell the american’s that we are out of money and need to tighten our belts, we have lacked the political courage to address the tough issues.
  3. we thought that we could bring Democrats to our side, and that we did not need our base

In short we forgot who we are, we can not win as the party that will spend less than the democrat’s and expand goverment less than the democracts. that is a recipe for being the loyal minority.

Untill we remember who we are we will not win again. Now is the time to find the conservative canidate in our states support them fund them,Blog for them. It is time to start over and we need to be the vocal supporters for conservatism.

On this dark night watch these vidio and get your spirit back so that tommorow we can fight again. That is what Reagan would do.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xynQSSNlYuY&feature=relatedJust remember it is darkest before the dawn, and now is the time to get off our butts and spead the conservative idea’s they are winning idea’s.