Obama's Abortion Language

This morning I was dismayed to learn about Obama’s statements on abortion yesterday which are a far cry from what we’ve heard from him consistently up until now on this issue. Or are they? Those who keep close tabs on these things are able to read between the lines and recognize immediately that this is just more propaganda or, as they call it, “messaging strategy“.

The president may seem to have backed away from the famous statement he made during the campaign on the question of when the right of personhood begins for a baby. He said the answer to that question is “above my pay grade” — a remarkable statement coming from a man who has fought harder than any other lawmaker to make sure that even already-born infants who have survived a botched abortion should not, under any circumstances, be considered persons. (Even Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton have more decency as they are on record voting in opposition to this infanticide.) Let’s be clear. The answer “above my pay grade” is most consistent with the Libertarian Party’s position on abortion, not the view Obama has fought diligently to advance which is that even an already-born infant is definitely NOT a “person” under the law. Only the most ignorant among us would buy the idea that Barack Obama is a Libertarian on any issue, let alone the personhood status of infants.

Now he is saying that abortion is a “moral issue” (no longer above his pay grade?) but he doesn’t define what he means by that. When the most pro-abortion president in history, the only one to ever go even so far as to allow infanticide, says that abortion is a “moral issue” and then indicates he will not limit it in any way except through pregnancy prevention, arguably the most logical inference we can garner is that he has elevated the provision of abortion (not the denial of it) to the level of “morality”. Considering how passionately he has fought to make sure hospitals can deny medical care for infants surviving a botched abortion, I’m not surprised that he is now using the word “moral” as a keyword. No matter how much we might like to believe otherwise, every time a law is passed, morality is being legislated.

Okay, so he said he is not going to make the Freedom of Choice Act a high priority even though he told Planned Parenthood during the campaign , “the first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act”. So, what happened? Did he change his mind? No, of course not. See, the pro-aborts have learned that conservatives have mobilized so actively against FOCA that they can no longer hope to push it through as one act. They have to do it incrementally. Barack Obama can look into the camera, er, um, teleprompter, and say with all honesty to the American people that FOCA is off the table but only in the context of being an official, all-consuming act that will remove all abortion restrictions. FOCA is still among the highest priorities of the Administration. It is merely being enacted in piecemeal fashion to go under the radar of the ignorant.

Those on the Left know how to use propaganda to fool people into thinking they are moderates, or even conservative, on any number of issues. Don’t buy it, America.

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