Can't quite figure this out except that Obama seems to be up


This site with a message was sent to me that Obama is using the net to save drivers license numbers and other info and registering voters? I can’t quite figure if he is registering a voter that is already registered but for a second time using info from someone who was a Dem but not now or even the Dems that are still registered as such but WILL NOT VOTE OBAMA.Try the site and see what you think.I want an honest election in Nov.
Obama is the chief among cheaters. I know because I was Dem when I voted in the primary and witnessed a caucus that was dishonest to the hilt.I am posting this only because I am in hopes that the RNC and all that are better with the computer as well as having the position will take steps to ensure that our election will be an honest one.The site is ClintonDems as well as suppose to register as a PUMA Dem and somehow the PumaPac is involved.

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