Anybody here want to see a President Obama?

I have read a few posts but I am not ready to criticize John McCain or Sarah Palin.In fact John McCain is ready in a time of crisis. The problems facing this country at this time are astounding and must be dealt with. And that will take someone with experience and a real love for this country. And as for Sarah Palin she is really refreshing and experienced and a quick study. And as McCain she really loves this country as well. I have listened to them both and for the first time I actually watched the Republican Convention this year. I have been a Democrat all of my life but that is swiftly changing.

I have been very active during the primary until I quit the DNC.
If any of you have not do yourself a big favor and read some of the posts that appear on the Party Builder DNC site. If at first you do not find the ugly go back a few pages. The Obama supporters are mean spirited and the party is dictating what can and cannot be done. If you want a quick example notice that Pelosi has not allowed the Dem Congress to vote on drilling. That is because she is being told what to do by MoveOn.Org. Now I do not fault but one person and that is Pelosi and the do nothing Dem Congress for listening.I supported Hillary but became totally disgusted when she endorsed Obama knowing full well he is not prepared to be CIC but more important his history makes him a real threat to this country.
After watching so much of McCain/Palin and Fox and knowing that I have always been a concervative Christian Democrat, I have found them to be the ticket.We need experience which is what McCain brings to the table and more and we need a really fresh face which Palin brings to the table. Now when my husband texted me at work her name I didn’t have a clue who she was. But was impressed the first opportunity I had to see and hear her.I hope that the posts that are negative about McCain are not Republican but rather Dems horning in. Believe me that is what they will do.The upshot is this country cannot afford to have Obama as CIC. Google Auchi, Rezko, Odingo and Rev Wright and Obama. And then there is Ayers. He has supported terrorist activity and only jumped from gaining one postion to another. He never served in any one position that he was appointed to or elected to. And they are keeping Michelle out of the limelight for a reason. She speaks what she thinks. She is the one that turned Obama away from Muslim to Christianity but only in name. She took him to Rev Wright’s church where he was introduced and heard Black Liberation Theology for over 20 years.
I appologize for this being long-winded and will shut up. I am very sleepy so off to bed.
I hope I have found a home with the Rep party because if not will register as Independent, That will be a waste unless there is a drastic change in the Dem party. Maybe we just need to start over and get two new parties in?!? I say that because of the complaints I have read.I think McCain will be a really great CIC and am pleased with Palin as VP.
I hope I have found a home.