I am a McCain Democrat

I have been a Democrat all of my life but I have never seen such a mess as this year. I don’t even recognize the party anymore. Obama was not nominated he was selected by the DNC and MoveOn and all the others that chuncked in tons of money. They apparently bought out most of the media because they are in the tank for Obama.

Not supporting McCain/Palin now because I was a Hillary supporter but more because he is the best candidate to become our CIC.My husband and I decided about 2 months ago that we would be voting for McCain.I am trying to persuade people that are opting to stay home not to do that.This country cannot afford Obama as CIC.

Actually I began to really distrust him when the Rev Wright thing came out.
I researched all of the bombs that were dropped about him and indeed he is a genuine threat to this country.
But have to tell you that learning about Black Liberation Theology and exactly what it means and all the years Obama was listening to Wright cinched that I could never vote for him. And then to learn of his connections to criminals and terrorists which were all unanswered but it is true. Very true.

My husband is retired and I am a semi-retired health care professionial. So we have been around a while and will never fall for catchy phrases. We will always look for the character and you can really judge someone’s character by their friends. Besides he started his race to CIC BEFORE he went to law school. He went to Chicago and became involved with the political machine there and went back after school. He jumped into achieving something else as soon as he was appointed to a position. He accomplished one thing as a legislature and that was to secure a huge sum of money for Rezko oh and at the same time he was on a board working with Ayers, you know the guy that said he was sorry he didn’t set off more bombs in the “60’s.

OK this is getting too long.

I am really hoping that I will find that the posts here will be truthful and not insulting because that is what is going on on the DNC so-called Party Builder site.If I find that this becomes unfriendly I will have to wonder why. But it will not change our minds about who we plan to vote for.Judy B