There's a cancer growing.

I am tremendously frustrated tonight.  I have just watched our country be forced to take a giant leap left.  Not a nudge, not a step, not a jump but a LEAP!  It was done at the hands of a Marxist President and an authoritarian and fascist Congress.  I intend to stop them.


I suppose I must be slipping into a delusional state given the amount of duct tape I have wrapped around my head.  Yet, someone needs to stop them and I am not going to wait for anyone else to step up.


Here’s the deal.  In my lifetime my wife and I have both had a bout of cancer.  She has been symptom free for 25 years, me for nearly 5.  The reason that we are still here is that our oncologists eliminated the cancer – exactly the way I intend to eliminate the threat to our country that currently resides in Washington.


My wife’s cancer was destroyed through chemo.  It was essentially starved her cancer to  death.  That is what needs to happen to Congress – they need to be starved to death.  Their life blood – money, taxes.  Today, the American economy lives on the efforts of the small business man.  Those companies that employee 500 employees or less.  There are over 20 million of them.  They are the backbone of our economy.  And, they are the key to killing the cancer.


I propose that we – for I too am one of the small business community – simply kill the cancer by starving it to death.  We need to stop sending our hard earned money to Washington – we need to stop paying taxes.  Let me explain.


I have recently undergone something of an epiphany in my life.  Perhaps it is being in business for 25 years.  Perhaps it is empty nest syndrome – I need activity in my life.  Regardless, I realized that I had kept my business small – a “life style” business.  I decided to change.  Unremarkably, the growth of my business accelerated rapidly.  It all depends on focus.  Rather that family, I am now focused on business.  It made a difference.  And, along with this, my tax obligations are rising.


Now, with this disastrous “stimulus” bill I look forward to my tax dollars – and those of my fellow small business owners – being wasted in a pathetic orgy of spending.  I’m not going to do it.  I am in control of my business.  I can control my sales and expenditures.  I can determine my lifestyle.  I can adjust how much money I need. 


In other words, I can adjust my lifestyle, adjust my sales, adjust my expenditures and finally – adjust my profits so I pay a minimal amount of taxes.  Or no taxes.


That is the proposal I am putting out to my fellow small business owners.  Adjust you business, adjust your lifestyle, talk to your accountant, be aggressive and manage yhour business in such a way that – at the end of the day – you own no taxes.  This should not be a permanent situation.  Most should be able to maintain their businesses, to stay solvent and keep the doors open long enough to starve Congress.  To eliminate their most desired resource – our money.


That is where the second method of getting rid of cancer comes in – removal.  That is what was done with my prostate cancer – they removed the prostate.  No more cancer.  Once these folks are starved out, we can remove them and begin the process of rebuilding our country.


My thoughts are sketchy.  I would enjoy your input, your thoughts and ideas.  But, something must be done to stop them.  And starving them to death is one sure way that they will no longer take our money.


Join me.  Let’s pool our ideas.  If we work together, we can get American back on track.