Domestic Debate Questions

The economy is an important issue to be sure but this election also marks, potentially, a dramatic shift in what American values are. Barack Obama has a vastly different than what I believe most Americans think. Part of the problem is that no one has asked Barack about these things and as a result most people think that he shares the same values as everyone else. I don’t believe this is true (though I can be convinced otherwise). I have a few question that I would like Barack Obama to answer in front of 50+ million Americans. If you can think of more please post them.

  1. At one point should a child get Human Rights (This was a saddleback question but I don’t think most people are aware of the answer. Shame on the McCain campaign for not having a national ad about this).

  2. Is America still a Christian country in your estimation. If not why not and if so what should be done to ensure that the foundational values are kept.

  3. Do you believe that gun rights in America should be limited to protect its citizenry.

  4. Does illegal immigration play a role in lowering the wages of American workers

  5. In your ideal world, your ideal America would everyone be rich, poor or middle class (i.e. what is this “fairness” you speak of)

I have missed a few but if more come to mind I will certainly post them. Please post your Domestic Debate Questions on this forum. At the very least McCain campaign can raise the issues in passing (although it would be better if they came from an average American)