Raise Gov. Palin's Profile

To me it is clear that Americans love Gov. Sarah Palin or at the very least a majority of Americans are inclined to love her. I know polls are just polls but I think there is something to be learned by some of the polls that have come out recently. While people want to love her they are somewhat fearful of having her be a “heartbeat away” from the Presidency. I believe that many undecideds and a lot of women want to vote for her (ticket), want to believe she is ready but because of the job the MSM has done on her most Americans can’t imagine her leading the nation in a crisis. God, however, works in mysterious ways. America is currently in one of the largest crises in recent history and finds itself not knowing what the future holds. Americans are looking for a leader, someone to tell them what happened, why it happened, how to fix it and how to ensure it never happens again. They are hungry for someone to tell them the truth; that while there were predatory lenders they also must take some responsibility and consider for themselves individual steps to stop this from happening again. Conventional wisdom would suggest that one of the Presidential candidates or even the President himself would step into this role but to be quite honest leadership right now is lacking from all sides.Now is the time, now is the moment that the McCain campaign should elevate Gov. Sarah Palin by having her give a major speech on this crisis. The speech needs to do only a few things.

Firstly, it must show an understanding of the gravity of the crisis. Outline the root causes; not just simply say that predatory lenders are to blame but put the blame squarely at the congress’ refusal to reform Fannie and Freddy. We have all seen the videos of democrats blocking all efforts and this simply has to be pointed out on a national level. I would, however, not stop at the democrats but also at any Republican actions that are to be blamed. Hit harder on the democrats to be sure but in order to avoid looking like nothing more than a finger pointer everyone will have to share at least some of the blame. This major address to the nation should show support for the bailout (although I do not). By showing support the main message should be that what happens to “Big Business” impacts on all Americans. The bailout, if nothing else, has shown the undeniable link between Main Street and Wall Street. This new evidence should be used as a pivot to defending tax cuts for, “The Wealthiest Americans” because just as a weak Wall Street means a weak Main Street a Strong Wall Street means a strong Main Street. This is why tax hikes on so called “Big Business” is dangerously irresponsible with the markets hurting the way they are. Add in the usual call for smart oversight on Wall Street and the game is changed.

This message must be driven home in national advertisement that hits the democrats hard on their obstruction to reform of Fannie and Freedie and Barack Obama’s ties to this whole mess. I would also strongly recommend that these national ads continually replay key points of Palin’s speech of course McCain will repeat the points of the speech going forward and he will be a major component of any ad reminding Americans what the Gov. said(remedy portion and how taxes are dangerous would be considered the major points of the speech). Of course this message should be taken up by John McCain in subsequent debates (with a wink and a nod. i.e, Gov. Palin and I have outlined the problems and solutions etc).

It is my opinion that these is absolutely needed to ensure that people feel comfortable with Sarah Palin in a crisis. Surely there are those who will say that no one votes for the number two but I think one thing has been clear, people will vote against the number two in this election. There are undecideds out there who are leaning away from McCain because of the media hatchet job done on Sarah. Give them comfort and the election is John McCain’s to lose.