Taxing the rich.

Yesterday morning on a local talk station, a black business owner called in and said that he is extremely concerned about Obama’s plan for tax increases on the rich. He said, “I’ve worked hard all these years and finally own my own business and am proud to be making over $250,000. I don’t think it’s fair that I fork over a big portion of my income to Obama and the Democrats to pay for health care for everyone.”

Obama’s plan will also raise capital gains taxes. This will affect all of the baby boomers who will be retiring and will begin withdrawing money from their 401(k’s.) They too have worked hard all their lives. Why should they have to pay more taxes because they were smart enough to invest, realizing that social security won’t be enough for them to live on, or might even go broke?

The Democrat’s answer to everything is tax increases on the rich. But they don’t stop there. They want to roll back the Bush tax cuts, which will result in one of the biggest tax increases in our history. Everyone who pays taxes will be affected, not only the “so called” rich. Our economy recovered from a recession and from the attacks of 9/11 to a large extent due to Bush’s tax cuts.

Polls indicate that people trust the Democrats to get the economy back on track. I wish that everyone could have heard the call from the small business owner yesterday. He is not rich. He is the kind of American who works long hours and provides jobs for other Americans.

It’s the folks like him that Hillary, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama, the “real rich,” call rich. They want more of his money so that they can implement more government programs to create their dream of the perfect Nanny State.