The Predators are Exposed!

Oppression, fear, confusion and control enslaves a person.  When emotional pressure is applied, a person can be pushed beyond normal/rational thinking. Sometimes, even to a place where they’re no longer able to control their thoughts. They slip in to a world of delusions, fear, paranoia and confusion. Their world view becomes one of of paradoxes…good is bad, freedom is enslavement, right is wrong. They no longer see things clearly. They depend on others for help and to survive. They have become enslaved.

In years past, this was an isolated occurrence. This is no longer the case. Their numbers are increasing daily. All around us, people are struggling to cope with life/reality. They’re desperate. They need help. They cry out, but no one hears them…Who can they turn to? Men, authorities, the government…there is no one. For these are all corruptible and will eventually fail.

In fact, some have already been corrupted. We can see this by the things they say and do….

For example: Some have been placed in positions of authority/responsibility to protect/help the hurting. Instead, they’re now intentionally causing harm to those that they’re responsible for. The protectors have now become the tormentors. Enslaving any that succumb to their deceptive words. There is no compassion/justice with this ‘bunch’. Only lies, arrogance, greed and selfishness. Let’s call them what they are – predators! They intentionally create/allow/endorse an environment of confusion, fear and oppression. They thrive in the chaos they create.

Look around! These predators are everywhere…but fear not. They are now being exposed. Which diminishes their power/control. They’re lack of justice and compassion will be their undoing. We now understand how they operate, who they are and how to stop them. They are culpable and they will be judged.

Let’s not allow this bunch to distract/discourage us anymore. Their spell has no power over us. We are free men and women.  It’s time to move forward and take the territory back.  Let’s move quickly to defend/protect/help our brothers/sisters/children/parents/neighbors/friends/countrymen! We have a moral obligation and a right to protect the defenseless. We must do it at all cost and we must do it now!

Let’s do what’s right! In our hearts, we already know what needs to be done…

This is GOD’s Message: Attend to matters of justice. Set things right between people. Rescue victims from their exploiters. Don’t take advantage of the homeless, the orphans, the widows. Stop the murdering! Jeremiah 22:3 MSG